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How To Create Microblading Brow Strokes


Microblading is a permanent makeup procedure that is a game changer in the eyebrow industry. You can effectively create realistic looking brows for clients for within an hour using a Microblading blade and permanent makeup pigment for $350 - $450 a session. Microblading is seen as the easiest permanent makeup procedure to learn, but it requires proper training and practice to get the techniques and skills down. Skyn’s Microblading trainer goes over the techniques and skills required for Microblading in this video. Get a feel for what it takes and if you are right for Microblading. If so, Skyn has a Full Online Microblading Training Class with a Kit for you.

In this video, watch Skyn’s esthetics trainer as she talks you through how to fill in Microblading Brows on our Fake Microblading Skin. Follow along as our she gives you step by step instructions on how to hold you Microblading blade, where to begin your Microblading brows, how to transition the Microblading brow to the tail, how to fill in any empty spaces in your brows, and how to complete the tail of the brow.

Before you watch, understand that when you’re working on Microblading brows there are three parts to Microblading eyebrows; the eyebrow, the transition, and the tail. 


Brow 1:

Our Microblading esthetics trainer is going to show you from beginning to end how to create a Microblading Brow using a Microblading Blade and Microblading Practice Skin

Start from the bottom of the brow and move the blade towards the top of the brow. Your Microblading strokes should gradually start to fall as you move inwards. Your strokes should be spaced out because you will fill them in to create a 3-dimensional brow later. Your last stroke should end on the Microblading brow outline.

Now, for the second part of the Microblading brow, the transition. You will move to your client’s side to work. Pick up your transition point where the eyebrow starts to get smaller. MAKE SURE YOUR STROKES DO NOT CROSS. Have your strokes flow freely and close. Your transition can start off closer to make the blending easier. Now work towards your tail with your strokes moving from the top of the brow to the bottom in in slanted strokes. You Microblading strokes need to imitate real eyebrow hairs and their bend. Use your transition stroke to begin lining the tail of the brow. 

However, since this is on a Practice Microblading Skin continue with filling. For this pass you don’t start at the bottom, you start a little upwards and have your Microblading strokes move up to fill the spaces evenly. On your fake skin, add some more strokes for practice and for those clients who will come in with little to no brow hairs.

For oily skin, don’t do Microblade your strokes this close, you want to fan them out for healing.

For older ladies and dry skin, you can Microblade the strokes closer as seen in the video.

We emphasize not crossing the strokes because when you do, you end up with dark pigment spots.


Brow 2:

Now that you’ve seen a full Microblading eyebrow procedure, our Microblading trainer will break it down into steps; step 1 through step 4 on separate fake skin eyebrows.

Step 1: The starting of your Microblading brow. Begin form the bottom of the brow’s outline, move upwards, space the lines out, and gradually getting closer.

Step 2: The transition point from the brow to the tail where you begin bringing down the brow shape.

Step 3: Go back and fill in any bald areas you may have in the eyebrow. Make the Microblading brow strokes as close as possible without touching.

Step 4: You work on the tail of the brow which means strokes from the top of the brow arching down. Then, you go back and fill in the tail of the brow.

To bring together all the steps, our Microblading trainer will go over all the steps again using her first brow. The Microblading brow creation, the eyebrow transition, filling in the brow, and filling in the tail.

Is Microblading for you?

This Microblading stroke and technique video is part of our Free Microblading Online Training Course that you can sign up for. You won’t get a certificate for completing it, but you will gain information on how to map Microblading brows, how to use your Microblading blade, and the Microblading stroke techniques. See if this is the course for you with Skyn’s Free Microblading Online Training.

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Now, ask yourself, is Microblading right for you?