Is the Hyaluron Pen Safe?

hyaluron pen safe

One of the main questions we hear from people interested in the course is: "Is the hyaluron pen safe?" Short answer: yes.

Many individuals all over the country are doing this procedure legally and it's either approved by their state or still unregulated in their state. Also, they are fully insured. Very few states require medical supervision for this procedure but it's still not illegal.

It has an extremely safe profile because it does not use needles or puncture the skin which can cause infection or other serious complications. The hyaluron pen is based on needle-free insulin devices and affects only the superficial layers of skin, not going past the dermis.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body and presents very low risk of complications. Some people use lipo dissolve products with their hyaluron pen. We do not offer these products because they are more risky since they produce permanent changes in fat composition and overall the results are very unpredictable from one person to the next. Here at Skyn we chose to provide hyaluronic acid filler treatments because it is extremely safe and temporary.

When microblading first came out it had the same issue where people would say it was illegal, but it wasn't. It just was not regulated by a board or the FDA and still is not. That same scenario is the case with the Hyaluron Pen. You can get training in how to use the hyaluron pen and achieve great results through our online hyaluron pen enhancement class.