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Can I get payment plans or financial assistance for permanent makeup training?

We Offer Permanent Makeup Training Payment Plans!

Skyn understands sometimes it first takes a little investment to see the long-term gains from an online permanent makeup training course. We know you might need a little help in the beginning, and we see the potential in you completing a training to start your beauty career. Whether you're interested in Online Permanent Makeup Trainings, a Microblading Online Training Course, an Ombre Brow Online Training Class, PMU Eyeliner or PMU Lip Blushing Online Training, or any Esthetics Online Training Program you're covered. 

Our payment plans offer financial assistance for all esthetics online training courses and esthetics supplies. In checkout you will see two options, one for ‘checkout’ the second ‘Skyn payment plan’. If you click on ‘Skyn payment plan’ you will be prompted to enter your email address to set up a account. Once you setup your account, you’ll be enrolled in the payment plan, and make your first payment. It's that easy! The preceding payments will come out automatically.

For the payment plan you put 50% down on your online training course & kit, then you pay every two weeks for up to six months. There is a small 14% fee for the payment plan.

On your invoice you will see the payment plan fee of 14%, some people confuse it for shipping. There’s free shipping on orders over $50, so most of the time your shipping will be free. It's made to be simple and straightforward so you can setup a payment plan for any esthetics online training class or for your beauty supplies.

Most students end up finishing their online trainings before their payment plans. 

Take a look at our selection of Esthetics Online Training Courses and Permanent Makeup Online Training Classes to start investing in yourself today.