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My Top 5 Hyaluron Pen Tips

5 Tips For Amazing Hyaluron Results!

The Hyaluron Pen helps create instant results with Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It’s part of the draw! However, with great lips and smooth skin comes some responsibility. Clients must adhere to the pre and post care instructions to maximize their results and maintain them. (Let’s be honest, the pre and post care can also be great for your body as a whole too.) Here are 5 tips to remind your clients of when they are having the Hyaluron Pen procedure. 


Tip 1. HYDRATION IS THE KEY. Not only will the results last longer, but your body will thank you. Remind yourself and your clients HA loves water and attaches to it. Therefore, the more water you drink the longer HA will last.

Tip 2. The procedure requires MAINTENANCE. This procedure works when the HA is built up in the body and the areas you work on. The more work done, the longer the results because the more HA there is in the area you’re working on. Keep in mind the fine line HA has a shorter span than moderate HA.

Tip 3. Your CUPPING method. It will take time to practice cupping the lips correctly. Make sure you press the pen firmly on the skin with your thumb or pointer finger below the tip to create a firm seal. Do not be afraid to place your hands on their face, it helps you keep a firm seal. The more firm the seal when cupping, the more product enters the skin.

Tip 4: PRECARE, Precare, Precare. To ensure the lips are ready for the treatment, they need to be exfoliated with all the dead skin removed. There are multiple recipes your clients can pick from. Inform your clients to use recipes with sugar, coconut oil, and other natural oils. Avoid Vitamin E because it causes bleeding and do a scrub.

Tip 5: PATIENCE. Patience goes for both you and your clients. You will need to practice your techniques and distribution multiple times because you get it down and you feel comfortable. For your clients, they will need patience with the results and longevity.

Again, they need to take the pre and post care advice seriously. The HA procedure is a building process. The more procedures done, the longer and more noticeable the results. This is a learning process so don't expect to be perfect on your first try. =)

Give yourself time and be honest with your clients. This is an amazing procedure that can help you build a career, but also help your clients reach their confidence goals. It just may take some time.


Love you guys!