Permanent Makeup Machine Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the best PMU Machine for YOU


Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Tattooing is really taking off these days. With trainings becoming more abundant, more people are learning these amazingly, beautiful procedures. From Ombre Brows, to Combo Brows, Nano Brows, Scar Covering, PMU Freckles, PMU Eyeliner, to PMU Lip Blush the right Permanent Makeup Machine makes all difference when performing these procedures. Which is why you should know the different types and what to look for to purchase the BEST Permanent Makeup device for YOU.

We spoke with our Skyn esthetician trainers and did the research to bring to you information on what to keep in mind and what to look for when you’re shopping for your Permanent Makeup Machine.

Types of Machines for Permanent Makeup:

  • The Coil Tattoo Machine: The classic yet powerful permanent makeup tattooing device. It’s designed to be compatible with the basic needle design, held in a clear tube. These needles are placed inside of the machine’s tubes. What’s unique is the machine adjusts the needle’s tension with a rubber band inside of the tube. The needle’s movements are straightforward so its ideal for body, permanent makeup tattooing procedures.
  • The Digital Rotary Machine: With its several speed settings and needle settings, this machine is especially popular with some permanent makeup artists. The readouts are digitalized which makes it easier to manipulate. These usually require manufacturer specified needles, which is one thing to keep in mind while researching because they’re not compatible with any other needle.
  • The Rotary Tattoo Machine: This machine’s name comes from the drive shaft that allows the needle to move up and down in a rotation. It’s one of the lightest pens and usually smaller, which makes it ideal for permanent makeup estheticians. This device is easily used with most kinds of needles.
  • The Hybrid Rotary Machine: This device is similar to the rotary machine. It has the digital readouts and is easily used with most kinds of needles. It’s can come in a lighter weight just like the rotary machine, hence the hybrid ‘rotary’ machine name because it pulls from both the digital and rotary.


It depends on your comfortability and what you’re looking for. With a Rotary Permanent Makeup Machine, Coil Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine, or a Digital Rotary Permanent Makeup Machine, you have the benefit of having pre-set speed settings. With pre-set settings, you’re able to know what to expect and how to use each one for your Ombre Brows, Nano Brows, Permanent Makeup Eyeliner, or Permanent Makeup Lip Blush procedure. Your practice is simpler and it’s easier to work on clients. This is especially true if you’re new to the PMU industry or learning a new procedure.

Now, if you’re all about customization and having the freedom to pick the speed levels for each permanent makeup procedure and client, then you might want to go with a Hybrid Rotary Machine. This permanent makeup device does not usually have pre-set speeds to pick from. When you use this permanent makeup machine, you’ll have the choice and freedom to pick the desired speed you want to work. This permanent makeup pen is usually recommended to those who are expert permanent makeup cosmetic tattoo artists.

Stroke Length or Needle Length:

This is an important feature to look for when you’re purchasing a permanent makeup machine or device. When we talk about Stroke Length, it’s the length the needle will come out when you turn on the PMU machine. When you’re preforming your PMU tattoo procedures, the length determines if the permanent makeup pigment will enter the skin, if the PMU ink will bleed out, and how hard it’ll be on the skin. The longer the needle, the harder the needle will go into the skin, possibly unnecessarily hurting your client.

In all of Skyn’s Permanent Makeup Online Training Courses, we go over the stroke length or needle length for each procedure. Most of your PMU procedures won’t go over 3.0mm, so many permanent makeup machines will go from 0.0 to 3.0mm. If you have a Rotary PMU Machine, Coil PMU Machine, or a Digital Rotary PMU Machine, then 0.0 to 3.0mm are the general lengths and ideal for PMU artists. The Hybrid usually goes out to 3.5 to 4.5mm.

Needle Types:

In PMU, the needle used can greatly impact the final result. Different needle types can produce different effects in terms of color intensity, line thickness, and shading. For example, a needle with more points will deposit more pigment into the skin, resulting in a darker, more intense color. On the other hand, a needle with fewer points will deposit less pigment, resulting in a lighter, softer effect.

The needle size and configuration can also affect the results. PMU Machine needles can be round or flat, and they can have one to several points. The round needles are commonly used for shading and blending, while flat needles are often used for liner work and to create a more defined edge. Larger needle sizes will produce wider lines and greater color saturation, while smaller needle sizes are typically used for finer lines and details.

It's important to select the appropriate needle for the desired effect and for the specific area being treated. For example, in eyebrow PMU, a liner needle may be used in the permanent makeup device to create individual hairs, while a shading needle may be used to add depth and volume to the overall shape. In lip PMU, a liner needle may be used to define the lip line, while a shading needle may be used to add color and create a gradient effect.


When picking a PMU device, remember you’ll have to hold this machine for 30 minutes to 2 hours per procedure. Size does matter, but not the way we were taught to think. More is not better. If you need to hold a permanent makeup machine for up to two hours, you want something lightweight, smaller, and without compromising the durability or performance. However, this again is left up to preferences. If you have a larger hand grip, you may want a longer PMU pen.

The PMU Rotary machine, PMU Coil machine or PMU Digital Rotary devices are more commonly smaller and lighter weight. The Hybrid Rotary Pens vary in sizes and weights, which means you can find one in a larger option.

In Summary:

The best advice our trainers want to impart to you guys is “pick the best one for you. With so many options in sizes, weights, and controls, you really just need to know what works for you right now. Oh! Have more than one too.” From her experience, you will have more than one procedure a day so make sure you’re always ready.


So what is the best PMU Machine?

Here at Skyn, we took all this information into consideration while picking which Permanent Makeup Pen to include in our trainings. Which is why we use a Rotary Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine for our students and staff. The Rotary Pen is wireless allowing for easy usages, 3 pre-set speeds, and with a needle or stroke length from 0.0 to 3.0mm. All of these features allow for easy trainings, practice, and performance on clients.

Often you can get severe hand cramps from working all day with a heavy machine with lots a vibration. The Skyn Permanent Makeup Pen is designed to be ultra-lightweight, but with all the power you need. It's cordless and has a long battery life. 

Did we mention the permanent makeup machine comes in a cute rose gold color?

It’s an added bonus.