Practice Makes Perfect

It sounds like a cliché, "Practice makes perfect", we know, BUT there are scientific studies backing this cliché up. 

One Brown University study found you need to practice, even if you feel as if you’ve mastered it, 20 minutes a day. This repetition is what creates mastery and perfection.  (Orenstein, David "Practice makes perfect, and 'overlearning' locks it in")

In Cambridge University they did a study on motor skills, and how the daily practice of movements encouraged mastery of whatever new technique the individuals were learning. (

Now that we have the scientific studies with their findings briefly summarized above, let’s talk about how this applies to you and your beauty techniques. 

When we learn new skills, whether they be permanent makeup procedures or additional facial or body enhancement procedures, it can be hard and complicated. THAT’S NORMAL. You’re not alone, so don’t let this dissuade you from practicing. Practice, practice, practice. 

The more you practice the better you’ll become at your skill and with your techniques. 

We at Skyn understand this, which is why we provide you with ample fake skins for permanent makeup procedures, faux skins for HyaPen enhancement practice, and worksheets to practice, practice, practice on. You can even practice on paper when you have a few minutes. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re working towards mastering this new skill and techniques. 

Veteran Permanent Makeup Artists became master cosmetic artisans through hours and even years of practice. 

The key to all of this is YOU. 

Remind yourself you can do this.

Remind yourself you will practice everyday and get a little better every time.

Go ahead and practice 100 brows to make sure you are comfortable. After you complete a 100 practice brows, you’ll have the skills and techniques. 

You’ve got this. 

Now, go practice making some brows.