For PMU Artists & Savvy Online Marketers

All new monetization  

Are you a PMU or beauty artist that has a big audience and want's to make money selling courses? This is a win-win!

Huge affiliate rewards

Our PMU courses cost between $400 and $800. That means you can make $250 or more every time you sign up a new customer. 

Quick affiliate payments 

We pay our affiliates on demand when you ask to be paid. If you choose you will be paid monthly for your marketing efforts.

Hassle free way to sell courses

Once you sell a course you don't have to do anything else! We handle the shipping, training, and support. Just sit back and collect affiliate revenue.

Make money selling PMU courses

Our exclusive affiliate program pays out an unheard of 40% commission.


Apply to be an affiliate 

If you have ever wanted to sell online courses, but you're not sure where to start this could be perfect for you! Instead do ZERO work and take more than half of the course and kit net profit! 


Get your custom link

Once you are accepted to our exclusive version of our affiliate program. You will get a custom link that you can post. When you send someone to our website and they buy something you get paid!


Start posting content

Start creating content like you would normally and inform people that you offer training courses. We convert at 1% so if you can get 100 people to our site chances are you will make a sale.


Get paid for your sales
Finally, once you make a sale you will get paid a huge 40% of each sale that comes through your special link. After you make enough content sit back and watch the money roll in.

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