Welcome to the Skyn Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluron Pen Training Course. You are now part of the Skyn network. Hyaluron Pen Injections are a wonderful skill to add to your practice. Everyone on your team loves it and we know you will too when you see just how great the enhancements can be. 

This course is broken up into 7 modules and a final exam. You will need to submit your work as you go and pass the final exam test with an 80% score or better to certify that you have completed the Skyn for Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluron Pen Injection Course. If you have any questions scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the "Any Questions?" form. Due to our heavy student volume please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond. Don't allow us to hold up your training progress. If you're confused about anything at all just skip over it and resume your training. 

When you submit your work we will give you feed back in 24-48 hours to respond and give you feed back. If you're work is not perfect the first time, that's okay! Don't be afraid to submit your work, you learn from your mistakes and our team will point you in the right direction. You can submit your work as many times as you need till we approve it. 

The length of time it takes to finish this course will vary from person to person. Some people with a background in aesthetics just looking to add a new service may receive a certificate in as little as 3 to 4 days. For people new to the industry sometimes it may take a month or more. While the risks of the fibroblast treatment are relatively low, we want to make sure you are comfortable and we feel comfortable with you doing the procedure before we certify you. 

Access to this online training program will only last for 180 days. After 180 days you will no longer be able to access your training. If you need an extension feel free to contact us, but please try to keep your training in the 180 day limit. Six months should be more than enough time to complete this training program. Within that time feel free to look over the material and use it for reference as much as you like. Be sure to not share your password with anyone. If you're logged into your account on more than 4 devices at once you will lose access to your Skyn Aesthetics Training account.

Access to our one-on-one trainer is available for the first 3 months of the program. FaceTime or Zoom education consultations can be scheduled as an add-on at the rate of $150 every 15 minutes. For information about scheduling a virtual meeting please scroll down to the bottom of any page to book an appointment with one of our educators.

While we are certifying that you have completed this course you should still look into the medical guidelines for your area. They are different country to country, state to state, and city to city. 

We are so excited to teach you the art of Hyaluron Pen Injections and bring you into the world of aesthetics. These procedures have the ability to boost confidence and change lives. Your clients will love their results and you will love the extra income and high return this treatment provides. 

Welcome to the Skyn family, 

- The Skyn Aestheitcs Group



Hyaluron Pen Injection Introduction 


Contradictions & Protocol


Lip & Skin Anatomy 


Using Your Hyaluron Pen 


Hyaluron Pen Techniques  


Insurance, Safety, & Requirements 


Live Treatment Demonstration


Take The Test & Submit Your Work 


There are a few things you will need to do before we can certify that you have passed our Hyaluron Pen Training Course. Throughout the process you will be asked to submit your work. Please wait up to 48 hours for us to look it over and give you feedback. In the meantime you may advance further into the course if you like. However, we will ask that you have all work completed satisfactory before beginning you your final exam. We want to make sure you have passed the prerequisites before doing a live model. Your final exam can be taken as many times as you need, but it must be passed to receive your certificate. The list below may seem like a lot, but we know you can do it. 

We may ask you to submit work more than once and you will need to show us you can do and understand the following:

•  Fill Skyn Ampules Correctly  

•  Set Up Your Hyaluron Pen   

•  Achieve Proper Cupping 

•  Know All Contradictions 

•  Know What Hyaluronic Acid Is

•  Understand Lip & Skin Anatomy

•  Know Proper Pre-care Instructions

•  Proper After-care Instructions

•  Know Proper PPE Use 

•  Understand Infection Control 

•  Know Workplace Sanitation 

•  Understand Product Placement 

•  Preform Enhancement On A Live Client


Take photos and videos of your work. Submit your course work to your instructor thought the course. 


We will let you know if your work is satisfactory or what can be improved next time 


Once final exam and all course work is submitted and approved we will send you your certification


The Skyn Hyaluron Pen is an adaptation of a pen the medical field has used for decades to combat needle phobias. Thanks to the medical field, Skyn offers you a state of the art cosmetics training to provide beauty enhancement with noninvasive techniques and pain free procedures.This Skyn training offers you tailored lessons to develop your own business by increasing your knowledge on cosmetic enhancements, and expanding your skill sets with modern techniques to provide the best result for your clients. 

 Within this course you will...

  • Understand the science behind enhancements with hyaluronic acid

  • Gain information on the anatomy of lips

  • Learn lip shaping and sizing through step by step instructions

  • Learn the facial anatomy of the cheek bones, jaw line, mouth, nose, chin, and under eyes

  • Understand the training theory

To fully master and become certified in the Hyaluron Pen training course, you will need to acquire the necessary equipment. If you have not purchased a training kit you will either need to purchase a Skyn skit or obtain your own equipment. In the Skyn kit accompanying this training you will find:

  • 5ml Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid Type B

  • .5 Hyaluron Pen

  • .5 Hyaluron Pen Ampoules

Our goal at the end of this training, it to provide you with the skill sets and training needed to provide the highest level of enhancements for your clientele. Before we get started, you need to know a few key points about the Hyaluron Pen training.

The Hyaluron Pen's needless enhancements cannot be compared to the needle injections. Since they are two different methods with two different liquids, the swelling and results will not be the same. Please be sure to let your clients know beforehand.

The Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced in the body, but as we age the production of it naturally decreases. The naturalness of it means the duration will vary from person to person, but the first round of results is between 1-3 months. By continuing the procedures your clients will see these results lasting longer. The last point to stress is for your clients, they will need to drink plenty of water before and after the procedure.


The Hyaluron Pen is an innovative device first developed in the medical field to help with needle phobias. In the cosmetics world the Hyaluron Pen is a needless tool adapted to dispense Hyaluronic Acid or other serums into the epidermal and upper dermal layers of the skin without puncturing the skin. It uses high-pressure air to turn the hyaluronic acid into nanoscale molecules and inserts them into the skin without the use of needles. This use of high-pressure air allows for a smooth distribution of the Hyaluronic Acid and creates an even appearance on the skin. The best features of this pen and method is it provides a pain-free and safe results for your clients. Check your state guidelines, but in most states you do not have to be a medical professional to administer these procedures. It's a disrupter in the cosmetic industry with its innovative methods, so now is the time for you to start your business. This innovative tool can be used for enhancing facial features such as lips and cheekbones, creating lip volume as well as contours, and reducing wrinkles.

Minimal Risks

With any procedure you run the possibility of encountering risks. One of the perks to using a Hyaluron Pen instead of injections us you run the chance of encountering minimal to no risks at all. This is a natural acid being placed into your client's skin, therefore you do not risk the chance of an allergic reaction. Since this is noninvasive and without the use of needles, there is no scaring or tissue damage to the skin. On the same note, your clients will experience near to no pain.


What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural sugar your body produces in your skin that holds moisture, which helps it to stay hydrated and plump. It helps to retain the moisture not only in your skin, but also in your joints and prevents the moisture from evaporating into the air. HA decreases as you get older which leads to wrinkles, sagging, and the thinning of facial features. The hyaluronic acid enhancement is a natural procedure to bring moisture back to the surface of your skin by binding water to our skin cells. This essential acid will rejuvenate your client's features with a younger and more beautiful appearance.

SKYN Hyaluronic Acid Gel

What sets this training and gel apart from others is we use the highest level of Hyaluronic Acid gel. This level and kind of gel was decided upon after clinical trials, careful testing, and deliberation by our professional trainer. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural sugar molecule produced in the body to retain moisture and adds volume by binding to water in the epidermis. The use of acid in the name should not scare you or your clients away. This is a natural sugar produced in the body that retains moisture and can hold up to 1,000 times it's size in moisture in the skin.

Our advanced gel consist of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid chains processed into a gel form ready for pressurized injection. The manufacturing of the gel is key given the different variables such as the concentration of HA, the cross-linkage, and the molecular size. Skyn's Hyaluronic Acid Gel is cross-linked using hydrogen bonds allowing it to be more stable and finer than other gels to allow easy penetration through the hole of the pen and into the skin. This stability, fineness, and the omission of other chemicals in the gel provides clients with the reduced risk of hypersensitivity and reactions.

Skyn can assure it's trainers and your clients the highest-quality of gel is hand selected for use. It's natural production in the body and the lack of additional chemicals provides you with the confidence that your clients will have the desired effects with minimal side effects, especially compared to needle injections. The gel is clinically tested and assured to be of high quality. 

Skyn is excited to offer you and your clients Hyaluronic Acid Gel Type B, which is ideal for lips and medium to fine lines on the face.

Skyn currently offers 5ml syringes of gel with an unopened shelf life of one year. However, the added bonus is after opening the syringe it can be stored and used again for up to six month. However, the syringe must be sterilized and kept in an airtight sterilized container at 39.7 degrees Fahrenheit or at room temperature.

Skyn syringes will need to be placed into ampoules which are then placed into the Skyn Hyaluron Pen for injection. The ampoules will need to remain sterilized as well and kept in a sterilized container or envelope in a refrigerator. Before your clients come, have the area sterilized and prepped at least 30 minutes beforehand.    


Your consultations can take many forms such as over the phone, in person, or over the computer. There is one key component to remember which is visually seeing the area you will be working on either in person or with an up to date photographs. This is to ensure you see where they want the injections done, how much gel you will need, and how long it will take. Keep in mind your clients may not know what difference the milliliter of gel will make, so explain to them what the effects will look like for the different amounts. On average, a client will request 1ml of Skyn's Hyalruonic Acid gel between the upper and bottom lip. Facial enhancements vary from customer to customer according to the area you will be working on and the lines, but expect between 1ml-3ml.

When quoting your clients there are some key items you need to pay attention to; have they had previous lip injections with a needle and the size of their lips. If your clients had lip filler injected before remind them they will not have the same results, since the Hyaluronic Acid Type B gel provides a more natural look with no swelling. If they have previous experience with lip filler injections or have larger lips, the will be able to take more of the product. It is your job as the trained professional to provide them with a proper estimation and quote. The more realistic the quoting, the higher the client satisfaction, and the higher the chance you will have continued clientele. Clients experienced with lip filler injections may use the measurement cc or cubic centimeter when asking for an amount. The nice thing is cc is equal to ml or milliliter, so if they ask for 2cc the conversion would be 2ml. When you know the language, your clients will trust in you more.

As stated above, your clients may have prior experience with filler injections. These clients may be use to different results and using less product for larger lips or facial enhancements. As a professional know that they may need more of the product than they are requesting. For example, if a client is use to having 1ml of lip filler done you may suggest 1.5ml for their first few visits, at least the first 4. If you are unsure, you can give them the amount they are use to then at a later session add a little more to reach their desired effects.

To sell your services do not forget to include in your consultations the added benefits of:

  • Lack of Numbing Agents

  • Minimal Swelling to None

  • Taking 20-30 Minutes

  • Smoother and More Natural Results

  • Minimal Chance of Side Effects Compare to Needle Injections

  • Minimal to No Bleeding

As you have your consultation with your client, you will need to have a client intake form to go over with them. Skyn will provide you with the form at the end of your training. This intake form is to go over their history, any reasons why they cannot have the procedures (also known as contraindications), the minimal risks involved, and to understand what procedure they want done. The method of using a Hyaluron Pen and injecting Hyalronic Acid gel is still relatively new, so your clients may have quiet a few questions or concerns which the form will help with. Your clients need to feel comfortable and heard by you, so these forms allow them time and space to voice any questions or concerns.

When you have your consultation always have an intake form to go over and fill out with your client at their first visit, then every visit they have with you afterwards. It is important to understand their medical history, any conditions they may have, and to document everything. This is a time for you to understand your client, so let them lead the conversations. This is your time to listen and answer any questions or concerns. In doing so, your clients will feel more comfortable with you and have a higher level of trust. Be sure to keep a full and detailed record for every client to ensure their safety and yours. 

Once you and your client have gone over the client intake form to completion, review it with them to unsure the information is correct and accurate. At the end of each consultation before to have them sign and date the form to approve the information and it's accuracy. You will keep the signed form from every visit in your records.

After their procedures are completed have mark the bottom of their intake form with the date, what procedure was conducted, and have them sign or initial to verify they were happy with the results. 

During your consultation you will learn about their history, explain, and record the following:      

  • Skin type, history, and prior experiences

  • Setting realistic expectations and goals 

  • The before care, aftercare, and downtime

  • When they can expect to have another treatment

  • Total cost of treatment

  • Any reasons or contraindications why they cannot have it done

  • Medical conditions

  • Why they want the procedure completed

Don't worry, we will go over the reasons why they cannot have a procedure done, also known as contraindications and safety guidelines.

When you follow these steps of listening, answering questions, and letting your clients lead the conversations you will have higher booking results. Once you book your client, be sure to provide them with a list of tips for pre-care and aftercare to allow for them to have the best results from their procedures. You will be given these at the end of the training with your client intake forms.


Let's go over everything we have learned in this lesson. It's valuable to review the highlights of the recently absorbed information to help the new knowledge stick. We hope you're enjoying the course so far and we'll see you in the next lesson.

What is the Hyaluron Pen?

The Hyaluron Pen is an innovative tool designed the be needless and help those with a needle phobia. It uses pressurized air to place the gel under the epidermis. 

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyauronic Acid is the natural sugar produced in our skin to attract and keep in moisture. This acid is what adds volume and prevents wrinkles.

What four things will you need to buy?

1) Skyn .5ml Hyaluron Pen

2) Skyn Hyaluronic Acid Type B

3) .5ml ampoules

4) 5ml syringes

Client Consultation 

You, the practitioner, should remain professional and let them lead the conversation of what work they want completed. Write down notes as you go along to help provide them with an estimate. They should sign it at the end of the consultation. 


Consultation Forms

Client Record Cards / Consultation Forms should be completed on every visit for every client. Write where they will be treated, what day, and after the treatment have them sign off to ensure satisfaction.

How Long Does It Last?  

The results should last 1-3 months, but if continued can last longer as long as they continue to have the procedures done. 

Are there any risks involved?

 The risks involved are minimal to none.

Are there any benefits to going needless?

Yes, remind your client there are multiple reasons for them to go needless, such as:

1) No bleeding

2) No numbing agents used

3) Since it is natural, there are not adverse side effects

4) A natural and even look

5) The results they see are what will remain

any Questions?

Please email us at edu@skyn.io | It may take up to 48 hours to reply


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