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8 Colors LED Facial Mask Hot and Cold Nano Spray Therapy PDT Leds Face Body Beauty Machine Skin Rejuvenation Acne Remover

Light Function

1.Red Light(635nm Deep into skin 1-6mm) Deep repair&Increase skin elasticity.
2.Green Light(560nm Deep into skin 0.5-2mm) Lighten spots&Calms the skin.
3.Blue Light(415nm Deep into skin 1mm) Inhibit bacteria&Remove acne.
4.Violet(UV) + Calcium Supplementation Enhance skin immunity,repairing acne,penetrate deep skin,Supplement vitamin D to promote Ca+ absorption
5.Red+Green Light(Deep into skin 1-2mm) Improve wrinkles&Increase immunity.
6.Red+Blue Light(Deep into skin 1-2mm) Remove acne and pockmark.
7.Blue+Green Light Deep metabolism&Oil control.
8.Red+Blue+Green light Decomposition stain spot& Improve fine lines.

Violet(UV) + Calcium Supplementation

UV light irradiation of calcium supplement will cause the skin of the irradiated part to turn black (it can recover naturally after irradiation).30min / time is recommended. After irradiating into the skin, it will undergo photochemical reaction.Promote the conversion of 7-dehydrogenated muscosterol into cholesteol in the skin, so as to promote the metabolic balance of calcium and phosphorus ions. Note:Independent UV beads, when working, only the UV bead area will light up, and the LED lights in other areas will be off.

Cold Nano Spray(100ml)

The pores of the human body are 0.02~0.05mm, and the machine sprays 0.3-0.5 micron m (0.0003~0.0005mm). Water molecules can easily enter the skin for hydration.Protect skin and maintain water balance.

1.When using the cold spray function, make sure that the water tank has water
2.Can use pure water, water-soluble solution (need to be diluted, such as essence, toner, etc.)

Hot Compress

Open pores, deeply hydrate, enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, and make the skin plump and rosy.
Tips:Use time is generally 8-10 minutes.

People with the following symptoms are not suitable

1.pregnant women
2.Advanced cancer patients and people with psychosis
3.Severe cardiopulmonary insufficiency
4.People without self-awareness, perception and expression
5.Coronary stent or bypass. Those who have implanted pacemaker or silicon femoral prosthesis should be used with caution.


Item Type:LED Light Facial Mask

Product Include

1*Main Machine
1*Measuring Cup
1*Protective Glasses
1*Power Cord


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