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1. Cleaning the pores without hurting the skin. Lift and tighten, deeply hydrate and wake up the skin.
2. High definition skin detector for high inspection of the scalp and skin.
3. BIO Lifting probe to tighten skin and improve fine lines for face skin.
4. Hydrogen oxygen small bubble probe, can suck out blackhead stubborn acne
5. Hydrogen‑oxygen injection probe, can be nano ‑ mist quick solution of muscle thirst
6. Ice hammer can calm skin and shrink pores, with 2 different kinds of water bottle capacity.
7. Ultrasonic probe, high frequency vibration atomization, better help for skin absorption.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Water Oxygen Injector
Material: ABS
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 35W
Water Bottle Capacity: 800ml water bottle x 2, 400ml water bottle x 3

Installation Instructions
1. Open and inspection
1.1 Carefully remove the instrument and accessories from the packing case and keep the packing materials for future transportation or preservation. Order the wine accessories according to the packing list.
1.2 Check for any mechanical damage.
The instrument should be placed in a cleaning and ventilated room with a temperature between 5℃ and 40℃ and a humidity of no more than 80%, avoid direct sunlight, ensures that the vent is not blocked, and ensures that there is at least a 5cm gaps around the instrument.Don't put anything on the instrument, even if it is temporary, it is not allowed.According to the text and picture information above the output interface on both sides of the instrument, insert the accessories into the corresponding interface.Then place the accessories neatly on the rack.

Use of functions:
1. Use the handle to cleaning: remove makeup and cleaning
Select a suitable head according to the skin, and turn the knob in front of the screen to use the original solution bottle A,B, or D. Adjust the suction and water flowing, and cleaning (10 minutes)
When using D bottle (H2, O2), rotating knob to D, then put down the H2 and O2 button and wait for 3 minutes, stay in the bottle to produce enough H2, O2) to use the whole face after cleaning, rotating knob to position C bottle cleaning water pipe, first turn on the water yield to adjust to the largest positive rotating knob (instrument), transferred to the biggest attraction, open the instrument, with random give cover the lid of the grinding head, instruments and automatic cleaning line.
When the whole bottle of diluted stock is used up, the warm water on the A. B.C. D bottle must be cleaned again the same way as the pipe to prevent the pipe from clogging.

2. Use of spray pen:
1) Cleaning the parts to be operated;
2) Pour the serum into the container on the spray pen;
3). Press the stylus button on the screen:
4). The spray marks should be aligned with the operating position, and press the on key on the handle to start the operation.

3. Use of ice hammer handle:
1) Cleaning the parts to be operated;
2). Press the start button;
3). Operate the front part of the handle in contact with the acting part.

4.RF usage:
1) Cleaning the parts to be operated;
2) Apply an appropriate amount of nutritional gel to the action site;
3) Adjust working hours, RF working strength and mode;
4). Twists the RF head to attach the working part, click the RF icon on the screen or press the start button on the handle to start the RF function;
5) Encircle the neck according to the lines of the inspection department, and the customer should cooperate to lift the neck and line the neck from bottom to bottom.The operating time of each part is 10-15 minutes.

5. Use of ultrasonic:
1) Cleaning the parts to be operated;
2) Apply appropriate amount of serum to the affected part;
3) Adjust the working time, the working strength of the sound waves and the reference of the mode;
4). Attach the sound waves head to the working part, click the sound waves icon on the screen, and then press the start button on the handle to start the sound waves function;
5) Turn the wheel and pull it in circles slowly for 5-8 minutes;

6. Use of testing:
To use the probe, restart the host switch, then select the probe handle to enter the test interface, select "Before nursing" and click the photo icon to save the test picture. The mode after nursing is the same as the mode before nursing. Finally, click analysis to finally appear the comparison before and after nursing.

Instructions for use:
1. Please pour out the liquid in A, B, C. D bottles and waste liquid bottles before handling the instrument, otherwise the liquid will enter into the instrument during the process of lifting and sending, causing damage to the instrument!
2. During use, the device will make a warping sound. Observe the icon of the waste liquid bottle on the interface and it will flash.

Matters needing attention
1.1 Matters needing attention in the use place
1) Please do not use and connect the socket, so as not to cause fire.
2) When replacing the fuse, the power switch must.


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