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PRO400 red light device has 80pcs of high power LEDs, 1:1 ratio of 660nm red, 850nm near infrared light. Red light is effective for boosting skin health and increasing collagen production. Infrared light can deliver energy to body cell's to enhance muscle recovery, reduce pain and inflammation.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 300*210*30mm; 2lbs. Power consumption: 60W. The greater the power consumption, the better effect you get. It delivers an irradiance of higher than 110mw/cm² at the surface, 60mw/cm² at 6 inches.


NATURAL. SAFE. NON-INVASIVE. 60 degree beam angle. 0 EMF at 3 inches. Low heat output for contact skin use. For both superficial & topical treatments as well as deep tissue treatments. Smart timer installed!


DURABLE & FLEXIBLE USE. The0 device is a complete set, featuring a built-in cooling fan for heat dissipation. It is a lightweight light therapy device, which is a travel companion. Treatment coverage: 12"x7"



Improved skin tone and complexion
Enhanced muscle recovery
Reduced acne, rosacea, and eczema
Improved appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and stretch marks
Enhanced circulation
Quicker healing of wounds and injuries
Reduced pain and inflammation
Acne Treatment,Skin Tightening,Wrinkle Remover,Pigment Removal,Skin Rejuvenation,Blood


Treatment Guideline:

It is important to use your light consistently. We recommend using your light everyday, light therapy is like food for your cells. For best results, please positioning your light the targeted area on your body or skin that you want to treat. Treatment Time:15-30 minutessession per day and at least4 timesper week.

Package include:


1xRed therapy lamp

1xPower Plug(US/EU/UK/AU)

1xGoggles for therapy



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