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Learn to take your beauty or aesthetics business to the moon by creating an online course!

This Marketing Course Is Taught By Our Marketing Director Who Has Sold Over 8 Million Dollars In Beauty & Aesthetics Courses!

Do you want to create your own PMU Online Training Courses?

You have wanted to create an online course for years, but the technical part is always holding you back?

You're not sure where to start and when you think about starting, it always seems like a huge undertaking. You're afraid that you will put all of this work into your course, but no one will want to buy it. 

Creating an online course will change your life!

And we can help you.

We will walk you through everything you need to know from creating your course, to marketing it online, and then scaling it to the moon. 

This course is for individuals who have successful beauty or aesthetics businesses and want to take it to the next level. In our online beauty course workshop it goes over how to set up your course, the structure of information, how to market, and how to monetize your knowledge. This is the perfect way to change your financial future and finally have that flexible schedule you deserve. You want to change women's lives around the would and teach them the art of beauty YOUR WAY! 

What Will I Learn In This Course?

  • How To Develop Your Online Training Course
    • Creating The Course Layout
    • Obtaining High Quality Video 
    • Using The MVP Strategy 
    • How To Organize Your Course 
    • How To Hire A Talented Cost Efficient Team   
  • How To Get Your Program Online  
    • Setting Up Your Shopify Website
    • Adding Your Course To Your Website
    • Locking And Granting Course Access

  • How To Create Marketing Content Your Course
    • Marketing Content Tips & Tricks
    • Create High Converting Landing Pages
    • Creating Marketing Videos
    • How To Gather More Leads
  • How To Launch Your Training Program
    • Create Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Leverage Your Data Effectively 
    • When To Start Selling & Building Hype
  • How To Set Up And Scale Your Facebook Ads
    • Target Your Customers Effectively
    • How To Scale Your Ads 
    • How To Track Your Conversions 


How Does It Work?

This will be a 2 Month Marketing Course and you will get access to a new lesson each week. Your first lesson will be 4 weeks long. During this time you can prepare your course and gather content that you will need. Each week you will have work that you need to do to get ready for next weeks lesson. We will walk you through each step and by the end of the course you will have a training program that is ready to launch, landing pages ready to drive traffic to, and passive income coming in everyday. 

Start Building Your Online Beauty Course Today! 



Access to this training will only last for 365 days. After 365 days you will no longer be able to access your training. If you need an extension feel free to contact us, but please try to keep your training in the 365 day limit.  

Shipping, Warranty, Achievements

  • Free 2-3 Day US Shipping

  • Top Aesthetics Instructors

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Once we ship items we cannot accept them for return whether you have opened the package or not. All Sales Are Final. We do not reuse, refurbish or resell them so that each beauty professional gets a sterile and clean device and supplies for their business. This is an industry standard practice for aesthetic supplies and courses.


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