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Red light therapy device


Our product is a combination of 660nm & 850nm, the benefits of red light therapy are many

1. Activation of human cells
2. Eliminate soreness and fatigue
3. Helps clear blood clots
4 Boost metabolism
5 Helps in Fat Burning
6 Moisturizes and smoothes the skin
7. Improve cell tissue energy
8. Fast and effective fat cell lipid detoxification.
9. Reduce fat accumulation.
10. It only takes half the time to recover from a workout.
11. Increases collagen formation; restores skin vitality.
12. Reduces Inflammation and Promotes Lymphatic Drainage
13. Promotes Hair Growth

RL300MAX 630nm 660nm 810nm 830nm 850nm

1) 300pcs LED Single Chip ,Includes: 30pcs 630nm LED Chips + 120pcs 660nm LED Chips + 16pcs 810nm LED Chips + 16pcs 830nm LED Chips + 118pcs 850nm LED Chips

2) Input voltage:100-240V AC

3) Frequency: 50/60Hz

4) Lens: 30°60°

5) Light denisty: >130mW/cm²

6) Dimension:920*300*65mm

7) Spectrum: 630, 660, 810, 830, 850 or Customize

8) Digital Timer insert: 10mins(default), Max 30mins

9) Flicker: support 10Hz, 40Hz, 100Hz, 1000Hz;

10) Dimmer: 1~100%

11) Package included: 1pc light + 1pc wire with plug + 1pc manual + 1pc glasses;

12) Gross weight: 13.5kg/pc

13) Actual power: 413W/540W

14) 2.4G Remote Controller: Support

TLB1000 Red light therapy Blanket

1) 1280pcs 5050 LED Chip

2) Input voltage:100-240V AC

3) External Battery : Support

4) Shell Material: Fabric

5) Light denisty: 120mW/cm2@0 inch

6) Diameter: 1600*600mm

7) Spectrum: 660:850

8) Package included: 1pc pad + 1pc ULlist driver with plug +1pc controller+1pc manual

9) Gross weight: 12kg/pc

10) Power: 100W

11) Flicker: none/10Hz

12) Timer: none / 5mins / 10mins / 15mins / 20mins / 25mins / 30mins





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