6 Tips to Market Yourself as a Permanent Makeup Artist, Esthetics Professional

 Market Yourself As a Permanent Makeup Artist

You’re entering the permanent makeup industry as a permanent makeup artist. You're going to need some permanent makeup marketing tips! We are going to help you take your microblading marketing to a whole new level. It can be a little daunting trying to figure out how to sell yourself, but we put together the top 6 microblading and permanent makeup marketing tips that will help you land clients as a permanent makeup professional.

Before we dive in, the first thing is to decide what kind of semi-permanent makeup brand do you want to build for yourself and what will be your permanent makeup name. It can be as simple as your name with permanent makeup or you can create a whole new name for your permanent makeup brand. This is optional, but it’s nice to create an identity for yourself as a permanent makeup artist.


Work For Free, Yes Free:


I know, I know... everyone says, "Charge what you are worth, don't work for free, babe you're better than that." However, you're missing the bigger picture. No matter if you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro doing free work has some huge benefits. 

1) Get the perfect type of model that you're looking for for each particular treatment. Sometimes you don't always get models that have the look you want to post on your social and for marketing. Offering a free treatment is a great way to get the type of clients you want to attract into your salon. 

2) Hone in on your craft. You should always be learning new skills and taking on free clients will help you get more clients faster. This practice will make you one step closer to perfection each time. 

3) Create all the content! When you offer to do a procedure for free it's much easier to put them to work. Ask for testimonial videos, sit them down and make a few fun TikTok Videos or Instagram Reels, get beautiful Before and Afters, and ask them to Tag You In A Post. When you just did a $400 permanent makeup procedure for free it's all fair game. You can use all of this content for your permanent makeup marketing. 


Use Social Media For PMU Marketing:

A benefit from taking one of Skyn’s permanent makeup online training classes is you will have permanent makeup content to post while you’re becoming certified! You do fake skins and pass your final exam with live procedures, so why not show off your work? Share what you're learning. Social Media is the way to showcase what permanent makeup procedures you offer, the work you produce, and your skill level.

It’s best to create a separate professional business page for you to post your work and the procedures you offer, that way those pictures do not get lost with your personal pictures. An added benefit is your clients can share your work and tag you, this allows for people in your extended network to hear about you. 

The more people you can reach, the better for you. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Snapchat are social media avenues you can use to showcase your work.


Partner Up With Other Permanent Makeup Artists:

The beauty world doesn’t have to be me against them, it can be a collaborative industry where you can complement someone else’s procedures. If you offer brows, but you know someone who does lips and eyeliner, then collab together!

Share your information or exchange business cards so when you guys work on clients, you can recommend each other to complete the client’s look. Build a community and relationships with others.

Not everyone will be on board, but that’s their loss. You can always find someone who will work with you, so partner up.


Business Cards:

Nothing screams ‘professional permanent makeup artist’ like a business card. They can be as simple as you want or have them done up! The important thing is you have your name, business number, email address, location (if you have one), and your social media platforms. Once you have them, put them around town.

You can hang them in coffee shops, partner up with a complementary esthetics professional and exchange cards, hand them out to people when you meet them, and give them to friends to share.


Offer Bundles or Discounts:

Clients love discounts and bundles, and this will definitely help you in the beginning. Offer 10%-15% off their first procedure, discounts for referring a friend, if you have a location loyalty cards and gift cards are great additions. If you offer more than one procedure you can offer deals on having more than one done by setting up bundles for a discounted rate.

You can gain and keep customers with these ideas.


Post, A lot!

You want to keep an active and engaged presence on social media. Post daily if you can. The beauty of social media is you create your brand. You want to post before and after, your work, and you can have client testimonials to show your trustworthiness and validity.

When you don’t have one of those, create professional videos of yourself talking about what you offer, what you use and why, product reviews, new skills or techniques. Doing so helps you create a voice for yourself and people can learn about you.

If you don’t have any of the above, create cute little beauty quotes with people to uplift them or to share some beauty.

The key is to post as often as you can, but to create post that add value to you and your name.


You have so many ways to showcase yourself, build your voice, and share what you can produce. It all depends on the brand you want to create for yourself and how much effort you are willing to put in.

If Permanent Makeup Procedures are your career now, then we recommend you doing all the above to make sure you can keep clients coming in.

Now, if this is your side job for additional income, you can pick and choose which options you want to implement.

It’s really on you, but if you go through with these methods then you can build your business and generate sustainable income.

With all these tips on how to build your clientele and keep them coming in, if you have't already now is the time to become certified in one of Skyn's esthetics online training courses! We offer a cannon of courses to pick from such as Ombre Brows, Microblading, Permanent Makeup EyelinerPMU Lip Blushing, HyaPen Enhancements, Micro Needling, and Plasma Fibroblast

Pick the esthetics online training best for you and start you career or side hustle.