Is Microblading Worth It?



Is it worth it to invest your time and money into a permanent makeup procedure such as Microblading? Is it still really still trending? These are all fair questions to ask yourself before purchasing any training or learning a new side hustle. The thing is you don’t have to just take our word for it, Forbes Magazine wrote an article about the Permanent Makeup industry, the rise in Microblading, and its trending popularity.

Forbes Magazine
named Microblading as one of the Top 2021 procedures in permanent makeup because of its demand in popularity and the price margins. The average cost per session from can be around $400 per procedure, but as high as $1,000 a procedure. If you perform only one procedure a week, that’s an additional $1,600 a month you could make.

Let us not forget how unforgiving the 80’s and 90’s was to our eyebrows, plus how a large segment of the population struggles to grow eyebrow hairs. There’s a demand for procedures to recreate eyebrows and their shapes. The Permanent Makeup Industry grew to $206 Million Dollar industry in 2021, which shows how the popularity in these procedures is rising.

Microblading is definitely worth It if you’re ready to hustle or trying to expand your beauty business. So, what can Skyn offer you?

Skyn offers one of the best Microblading Online Trainings for you to take and become Microblading certified. You won’t need to search ‘Microblading trainings courses near me’ anymore because we bring it to your home or beauty business. We offer Microblading with training, which means you can complete our online training with a kit to have hands on practice and perform your first procedure.

It’s doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a Microblading training for beginners or a Microblading training for experts, our trainings are made for every one of every level. One of the best parts is our Microblading certification class can be completed within 2 -3 weeks if worked on daily.

Not sure yet?
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If you are ready to cash in on this lucrative procedure, (Forbes words not just ours) then click on our Online Microblading Certification Class to begin your training today! Need financial assistance? We offer our Microblading Trainings with financial aid in the form of payment plans.

There’s no reason for you to pass on a FREE Microblading Online Training to get a feel for this profitable procedure.

So go on, give it a shot!