Let's Talk About The HyaPen

The HyaPen is an innovative tool in the beauty world. This piece of technology uses a needle-free, pressurized chamber to pressurize the HA out. Yes ladies, NO NEEDLES.

Science in the beauty world has come to the point where you no longer have to be poked to have fuller lips or reduce your wrinkles. The pen is a work of ✨ art and technology ✨.

Let’s use something familiar to help create a mental image and understanding. Think of the pen as a power washer. A power washer is similar to the Hyaluron Pen, they both use pressure to push the water or product out in a spray. In your mind see the water coming out of the hose, fanning out over the area so it does not flood one particular spot? Keep that concept in your mind. It’s the same thing with a Hyaluron Pen. It uses pressurized air to push product into the skin, but it fans it out for a smooth, safe distribution. For Hyaluronic Acid (HA) molecules are so small, they can be pushed through the skin using air pressure.

That’s it!

Now let's go into a bit more depth on how the pen is able to work without a needle. The pressurized air is held in the chamber of the pen. Another wonderful thing about the pen is it does not run on a battery or need the be charged. The air in the chamber is pressurized by pulling down the leveler located on the pen's side. It's an eco-friendly device that is made out of durable metal, built to last. The air is released using the button. When the air is released, it pushed the product out the tip.

There are six main components that come together when using the pen. The rest of the parts we'll have to keep a secret though. 

Our online course teaches you how the parts work together, how to measure out product, tips for a secure seal, and everything else you would need to know. We keep it a secret here, but our course can teach you more.