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Licensing & Regulations By State For Microblading and Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup and Microblading Licensing and State Regulations


Permanent Makeup and any kind of esthetics procedure should be researched before purchasing. One of the most important phrases to research when thinking of purchasing a training in the esthetics industry is 'what are the licensing requirements and regulations for my state'. 

The more you know the better you'll be prepared. 

Each state is unique with their licensing requirements and the regulations they have in place for permanent makeup procedures. When it comes to permanent makeup and Microblading, each state will have different rules for you. Some states have little to no regulation, while others have a list of items you need to complete to become fully state licensed in Microblading or Permanent Makeup. 

To help you understand what the Permanent Makeup State Regulations and the Permanent Makeup State Licensing requirements are by state, we did our best to create list of every state and a link to their Cosmetic Tattooing, Permanent Makeup, Microblading licensing and regulations landing pages. 

State Licensing and State Regulations:

 It can be a little confusing, so we went ahead and came up with three degrees of regulations and licensing in each state: 

- no regulations to low: These states do not regulation permanent makeup, or only have you complete an application & fee 

- minimal regulations: these states require you to apply for licensing through the state, pay an application fee, take first aid trainings, and/or blood borne pathogen training

- regulated: any state requiring a cosmology license, more than 100 hours, complete additional licensing, or require apprenticeship

(Our permanent makeup certification courses can help you prove the hours your need and they also help with insurance) 

Find your state and click on your link to learn what your state's microblading regulations and state permanent makeup licensing rules are.

 **Keep in mind regulations and licensing requirements always change. It can be difficult to find up to date, solid information. We did our best to compile this list, but keep in mind it may have changed. Skyn is not liable for any changes to regulations or licensing.


Alabama: no regulations – low  

Alaska: regulated

Arizona: no regulations – low

Arkansas: regulated  

California: minimal regulations 

Colorado: minimal regulations

Connecticut : regulated

Delaware: no regulations – low

Florida: minimal regulations  

Georgia: minimal regulations 

Hawaii: minimal regulations  

Idaho: no regulations – low

Illinois: no regulations – low

Indiana: minimal regulations

Iowa: minimal regulations 

Kansas: regulated

Kentucky: minimal regulations

Louisiana: minimal regulations

Maine: minimal regulations 

Maryland: no regulations - low

Massachusetts: regulated

Michigan: minimal regulations 

Minnesota: regulated

Mississippi: regulated

Missouri: regulated

Montana: regulated

Nebraska: minimal regulations

Nevada: minimal regulations

New Hampshire: regulated

New Jersey: regulated

New Mexico: regulated

New York: minimal regulations    

North Carolina: minimal regulations

North Dakota: minimal regulations 

Ohio: minimal regulations

Oklahoma: minimal regulations

Oregon: minimal regulations

Pennsylvania: minimal regulations  

Rhode Island: minimal regulations  

South Carolina: minimal regulations 

South Dakota: no regulations - low

Tennessee: Regulated

Texas: minimal regulations

Utah: no regulations - low  

Vermont: regulated

Virginia: regulated

Washington: no regulations - low

West Virginia: no regulations - low

Wisconsin: regulated

Wyoming: no regulations - low

This list should help you understand your state's regulations and rules regarding Permanent Makeup Procedures such as Ombre Brow Licensing, Microblading Licensing, Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Licensing, Permanent Makeup Lip Blushing Licensing, Nano Brow Licensing, Combo Brows Licensing, and SMP Scalp Micropigmentation Licensing

Let us know if you have any more questions before purchasing your permanent makeup online training and kit!


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- Skyn