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What are Ampoules for the HyaPen?


The Hyaluron Pen is an amazing piece of technology and science made for the beauty industry. It allows for plumpness of lips and a reduction of wrinkles without using a needle. No battery, no charging required. This pen uses pressurized air to push out the product, but where is the product and how does it enter the skin?


Ampoules are sterilized containers that you purchase to place the HA or whatever product you use in, and attach the Hyaluron Pen to distribute the product. The ampoules come empty with a syringe in them. What you do is

  • take out the syringe, 
  • insert the product, 
  • replace the syringe into the ampoule, 
  • screw the ampoule onto the tip of the Hyaluron Pen, then
  • place the ampoule tip on the skin for distribution. 

Once you screw the ampoule to the tip of the Hyaluron Pen, you are ready to start practicing and administering your product! Our course goes into how to measure, where/how to place the product, and mapping. This is just an overview to help you understand how the ampoules work with the Hyaluron Pen. 

There are a few key points to remember with ampoules:

  • The ampoules are what touch the skin and area you are working on. DO NOT reuse the ampoules. Once you use them, dispose of them to prevent cross contamination.
  • Ampoules hold the product in them, not the actual pen.
  • Ampoules should always come sterilized with the seal intact.

When it comes to ampoules, they are a vital part of using the Hyaluron Pen. Without ampoules, you cannot use your product with the pen. The ampoules and pen come together to create dramatic and beautiful results for yourself or your clients without needles. 

Skyn offer HyaPen Online Training Courses to teach you how to use ampoules, how to use your product, and how to dispense it correctly. We offer a Full HyaPen Online Training Course, and Mini HyaPen Training Courses for specific areas of the face.

Check them out to begin your beauty journey, or stock up on HyaPen Supplies.