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Find all the PMU Lip Blush supplies you need, our range of permanent makeup lip blush products and equipment are available to buy online. We ship to permanent makeup, estheticians, aesthetics professionals worldwide and free on orders of PMU lip coloring products over $50 in the US. 

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Browse below for permanent makeup Lip Blush supplies to restock on PMU equipment or to purchase more practice tools for PMU lip blush. Create the perfect cosmetic tattoo lip color using lip pigments in four different color. Mix and blend the lip ink to create the ideal lip blush color for cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup, keep clients comfortable with topical secondary numbing cream and numbing agent, practice PMU lip blush techniques and skills using fake skins, and use the PMU Machine to create straight lines and the perfect lip shade. Anything and everything in between, we have the right lip blushing tools and equipment for beginner & expert permanent makeup artists, estheticians, and beauty professionals. You can check out our full online class for education and training on the PMU Lip & Eyeliner Procedure.

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