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2 in 1 Facial Steamer Spa Multifunctional Beauty Sprayer 3x Magnifying Cold Light 3 Dimming Levels Facial for Moisturizing Beauty Skin White



-- 2 in 1 Facial Steamer and Magnifying Glass Combination

-- 3x Cold light magnifying glass

-- Deep cleansing, moisturizing

--Rotatable and adjustable, easy to use

-- hot steam

-- High-quality eco-friendly materials

【3X Cold Light Magnifying Glass】: This LED designed magnifying glass is specially designed for the therapist to properly assess the clients skin. 3 enables precise work and powerful brightness to sharply bring small and intricate details back into sharp focus, making them easy to see. The soft light of the LED light is not harmful to the eyes, and there are 3 levels of light brightness that can be adjusted, so you can easily choose to enjoy the steam on your face.

【Deep Cleansing】: Steam penetrates pores to soften oil, blackheads, makeup residue and dirt for easy removal. The facial steamer not only opens the pores, but also deeply cleanses facial skin, softens blackheads, provides deep cleansing, helps remove dirt and makeup residue, leaves skin soft and smooth, provides moisture to the skin effectively and promotes the blood circulation of the skin.


【EASY TO USE】: A stable support base with wheels allows you to move freely. The flexible arm can be rotated left and right 360 degrees, can be rotated up and down 180 degrees, can be rotated and adjusted, the cup can be moved, the neck can be adjusted in any direction and height can be adjusted.


【Hot steam】: Hot steam can open the pores and help deep clean the skin. Regular use can moisturize the skin, improve the absorption of nutrients, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation, restore smooth and delicate skin, improve blood circulation, relax and promote skin metabolism.


【High-quality environmental protection material】: The environmentally friendly ABS material is resistant to high temperatures, does not easily produce odor, is durable and resistant to oxidation, and has a long service life.


Spray Type: Thermal Spray

Power: 750W(thermal spray) + 20W (cold light magnifying glass)

Water tank capacity: 650 ml

Sprinkler Voltage: 110V

Cold Light Voltage: 110-220V/50-60HZ

Light brightness: 3 levels of dimming

Magnifying glass: 3 times

Material: ABS/Metal

White color

Control method: touch screen


Installation steps

1 Install the universal wheel

2 Find the bracket interface and install the bracket

3 Connect the tube port of the stand

4 Put the tube into the interface, install the support tube

5 Secure the bracket and pipe connection with the top screw

6 Install the upper main branch and the installation is complete




1.Clean your face with a professional facial brush. Cleaning is an important first step.

2.The hot steam opens the pores and leaves the skin soft. Various nutrients that penetrate deep into the skin are accelerated.

3.Apply skin care products.

4.Cold steam penetrates into the skin pores, shrinks pores, absorbs moisture, reduces wrinkles, relieves skin irritation, and promotes skin metabolism.



1. Before leaving the factory, each facial steamer will be tested by adding water to test the aging of the machine. After passing the test, it can be packaged and shipped. If you receive the goods and find residual test water in the machine, this is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured that it is a new machine!

2. Keep a distance of at least 20 cm between the steamer and your face. Do not use lotion, milk, honey, or high-viscosity essential oils. Remember to use clean water, otherwise it will influence the smell of the steam, and please pour out the rest of the water after use.


Packing List:

Thermal spray machine*1

3 times cold light magnifying glass*1

Universal wheel*4


Bracket pipe kit *1 set (pipe *1, pipe iron sheet *1, screw *1)

Main branch*1


Cold light magnifying glass bracket*1

Cold light magnifying glass desktop bracket*1




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