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Item Type: 5 in 1 Fat Exploding Instrument

Total Power: 120W

Total Voltage: 100V-240V  50/60HZ

40K Fat Exploding Head: 40K  30W  150V

3-pole Firming Head: 3MHz  25W  66V

4-pole Firming Head: 3MHz  40W  66V

5-pole Firming Head: 3MHz  60W  66V

Negative Pressure RF Head: 80kPa  65000HG  66V  30W

Type: Screen OR Key

Size: 25*30*22cm/9.8*11.8*8.7in


Product Include

1*Main Machine

1*Negative Pressure RF Head

1*40K Fat Exploding Head

1*3-pole Firming Head

1*4-pole Firming Head

1*6-pole Firming Head

1*Power Cord





1. Comprehensive Body Care. Instead of merely reducing your weight, this machine offers a much broader care range. It can slim body, lift skin, remove wrinkles, promote blood circulation & metabolism, etc.  

2. 40K Fat Exploding Head. It use cavitation technology to break fat tissues into small pieces and liquefy them, which can then be easily excreted by the body, leaving you a fit and healthy figure.

3. Multipole Firming Head. They adopt radio frequency technology to emits an energy to change the formation of collagen and cause them to reorganize and proliferate, hence removing wrinkles, fixing skin laxity and lifting it.

4. Negative Pressure RF Head. Apart from RF technology, it also create a strong suction & flapping to heat up and disintegrate fat tissues. When used in conjunction with the 40K head, the best fat removal effect can be achieved.



  1. Clean skin and apply gel.
  2. Connect with a power supply.
  3. Connect a head with main machine.
  4. Choose a mode that suits the head.
  5. Adjust intensity and time.
  6. Apply the head on skin to use.



  • An aqueous medium ( such as slimming essential oil etc. ) needs to be applied to your skin before operation, otherwise the operating process may be detrimental to the machine and even damage it.
  • The operating probe shouldn't stay in one body part for too long, and should avoid any body parts with bones underneath.
  • Please take off the metal decorations on your body before operation.
  • When use the machine for continuously for 1 hours, you should cease to  use it and wait for 10 minutes before reusing.
  • You may experience tinnitus when using the fat-explosive probe. This is a normal phenomenon because its sound wave is beyond the range of wavelengths that humans can hear.

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