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Specifications :

Applicable skin area: face

Function: ultrasonic, V-face roller, high frequency, ice hammer, suction cup, airbrush

Effect: Cleans blackheads, moisturizes the skin, lifts and firms

Working voltage: AC100V-AC220V

Clean water mill: pressure 90Kpa

Flow rate: 30 l

Handle: 6

Weight: approx. 6.3 kg

Size: 33.2cm * 17.5cm * 48cm

Ultrasound: 1.1 MHz


Vacuum blackheads that clog pores

Suck out acne that's clogging pores

Control oil and reduce sebum

Small bubbles use the combination of ultra microbubbles and negative pressure to spray oxygen and nutrients from the epidermis to the floor of the skin. On the one hand, it nourishes the skin, accelerates the renewal and absorption of skin cells and absorbs a lot of quality pores. Cosmetic residues, on the other hand, form a nutrient store for the skin to make the skin moist and elastic.


Handle introduction:

Ultrasonic Handle: With the essence, the product's absorption rate can reach more than 90% and cleanse the skin.

RF high frequency head: positioning tissue heating, intensifying the opening of the skin pores, complete absorption of nutrients

Super Oxygen Airbrush: Macromolecules can replenish the skin by combining them with toner or saline to replenish the skin in a way of materializing fine molecules.

BIO microelectric head: activate collagen cells to tighten deep skin folds, change facial contours, increase skin elasticity and shine and reduce wrinkles.

Frozen Probe: Shrink pores, soothe skin, and slow down skin aging symptoms.

Watermill Suction Pen: It is broken down into hydroxide ions from pure water and used together with the water and oxygen cleaning handle to thoroughly cleanse the deep dirt of the pores.

Packing List:

1 * host

1 * power cord

1 * ultrasonic handle

1 * V-face roller handle

1 * high frequency handle

1 * ice hammer handle

1 * suction cup handle

1 * airbrush handle

1 * manual

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