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If you are a trainer looking to capitalize on your knowledge, but minimize how much of your precious time it takes to train others, Skyn has a special offer to fit your needs!

Unlock both hidden prices and your hidden potential!

Skyn now offers a training membership program for trainers (this is not a course). You can now buy our courses in bulk to help support and pre-train students before they come to your in person trainings. At home, your students will have access to the information, practice on the worksheets provided to them, and receive the products from you on training day. Let us help you maximize your profits by minimizing your training time.

  • Cut your training times down from 2-3 days to only 1 day 
    • This opens up your time to earn more profits from other avenues 
  • Upcharge others for trainings and equipment to turn an additional profit
    • Which means more money for you
  • Get support and access to pre-made training courses 
  • Receive a special pricing for these training services 
  • Increase the retention of your students

Not a certified trainer? Become one with our course and start navigating your own career! Already a trainer? Check out how you can use our courses to maximize your trainings.

Benefits of teaming up with Skyn for your trainings

  • Use our course for students to pre-train and complete worksheets
  • Students learn the procedures before showing up to your studio
  • They receive the products on training day and review material
  • You provide live demo procedures, then they complete their live exams
  • We will have their certificates ready for you before they arrive

How does it work?

1) Sign up for exclusive access to the special prices
2) Buy 3 kits or more
3) Email a list of students and email addresses to receive the course link
4) Have them complete the training and practice worksheets at home
5) Students come in for training and receive their equipment
6) You can go over the information, conduct the live procedures
7) Students will complete their exams and receive their provided certificates
8) Upcharge the training and equipment to increase your profits


Get Exclusive Access To Special Pricing!

Full Hyaluron Pen Training Bundle | $549 Each
Full Plasma Fibroblast Training Bundle | $379 Each
Full Microneedling Training Bundle | $429 Each

  • Must purchase a minimum of 3 kits or more


Make a larger profit off of this up-sell and save your time!


 ***After 60 days you will need to renew your purchase


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Once we ship items we cannot accept them for return whether you have opened the package or not. All Sales Are Final. We do not reuse, refurbish or resell them so that each beauty professional gets a sterile and clean device and supplies for their business. This is an industry standard practice for aesthetic supplies and courses.


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