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Learn how to set up paid ads for your beauty business. 

Have you been searching for a way to automate your beauty business and use paid ads to generate constant clients? 

Are you tired of endlessly posting on instagram and other social media websites with out much result? 

In this course we will teach you how to set up:

Google Ads,
Facebook Ads,
and TikTok Ads,
all specifically for your local beauty business.

We will show you how to automate your booking process so that you collect your deposit online and sync your booking calendar. 

You have have tried to set up Google or Facebook Ads, but you have been unsure how to target your audience or haven't been sure on how much you should be spending. We will go over everything you need to know to create consistent clients and keep your schedule booked out for months! 

Get new customers into your beauty salon using paid ads. 

This course is taught by our marketing director who has sold over 10 million dollars in beauty courses online.

Enroll now and learn how to grow your beauty business using paid Facebook and Google Ads. 

Ask about adding on a paid consultation call with an ad specialist. 

This course is on presale and launches November 22. When the presale ends the price will go up.

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