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 Led Face Mask Light Therapy-7 Color LED Therapy Light,Facial Skin Care Tools Home LED Light Therapy Machine,PDT Seven Color Photon Skin Care And Beauty Instrument

【7 Color LED Therapy】287 LED bulbs energy light penetrates the skin, red light (640nm) - improves the skin, blue light (423nm) - improves oil, green light (532nm) - whitens and softens the skin, yellow light (583nm) - desalinates color spots, cyan light (490nm) - relaxes the skin, purple light (690nm) - purifies the skin, white light (510nm) - improves pores

【Fashionable, Comfortable, Multifunctional】 The new LED phototherapy machine is designed to be portable, easy to install, detachable, safe and environmentally friendly, and effectively improve your skin.

【Family spa care】care can be carried out at home without going to the beauty salon for beauty and skin care, so as to improve the skin condition. The operation is simple. We suggest you take care of it 2-4 times a week, 15-20 minutes each time (the long-term effect will be better)

【Professional Facial Care】It can gradually enhance the energy of cells, has a good promotion effect on metabolism, promotes cell regeneration and collagen secretion, purifies the skin layer by layer, and brings you a high-quality skin care experience.

SAY GOODBYE TO EXPENSIVE SPA: Saving numerous time and money to regain healthy and beauty skin at home. Your light therapy device features multi-functional touch screen system, exclusive appearance plus modular capability allows you better control of your device. Light is as essential to cells as food is to people. With 30 days return policy, if you never try, you'll never know!

FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: The Bestqool LED light therapy provides you 7 colors of lights. The natural light helps with oil control, redness, aging. This device has two rows of non-emitting near-infrared light, invisible to the human eye. Red light 630nm | Blue Light 470nm | Green Light 525nm | Yellow Light 590nm | Orange Light 610nm | Purple Light | Near Infrared Light 850nm

PROFESSIONAL & HANDS-FREE DESIGN: The natural LED face mask light therapy uses seven lights to improve skin circulation and health without causing any side effects. Smart control system gives you greater flexibility and personalization to create your own therapy, choose your preferred color setting and enjoy SPA-quality face beauty at home.

DURABLE & COMFORTABLE USE: Our led light therapy mask comes as a full package, complete with a built-in cooling fan to dissipate heat, the double-fold feature can save storage space.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: The most intimate gift for your family and friends. Get the healthy benefits while you are reading, relaxing or lying down. Your clinical grade LED light therapy comes with worry-free 2 years warranty and friendly customer service.









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