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1. One machine is multi-purpose.Provides deep hydration and spectral irradiation. Improve skin from the inside out, brighten skin radiance and increase skin elasticity.
2. Multiple spectrum, double layer penetration.Different LED wavelengths penetrate the epidermis and dermis, thereby improving various skin problems.
3. Nano spray, deep moisturizing. Using ultrasound to create a nano-unit spray, tiny water particles penetrate deep into the skin and are quickly absorbed. Buy 1 get 1 free, a total of 2 water tanks can be replaced.
4. LED beauty lamp beads. Use 178 LED beneficial light sources and wide-angle design to expand the irradiation range.
5. Comprehensive care from head to toe.The foldable design can be used flexibly in flat, side, sitting, prone, etc., and can be irradiated from head to toe.
6. Details show.
①The water tank can be replaced, and the water tank can be taken out and replaced by using the disassembly spray design.
② large control panel, Simpler and easy to operate.
③ Smooth bayonet design, Easy to install and remove for easy storage.


1. Assemble the machine first, then add water to the water tank.
2.Clean and dry the skin to be treated.
3.Connect with a power.
4.Wear the goggles attached.
5. Touch the on/off key to power on.
6. Turn on the nano spray mode, and then select the appropriate gear.
7. You can choose the LED light you want, or press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds to enter the 6 color cycle mode.
8. Enjoy a 25-minute photon treatment.


1. It is recommended to use diluted product or purified water.
2. Do not mix with high-concentration lotion or essential oils.
3.It is forbidden to look directly at any type of light emitted by the machine. When illuminating the face, it is recommended to wear sunglasses or shading goggles.
4. Allergic skin patients should be cautious to do a small-scale test on a hidden skin location, and only use it on a large area if there is no allergy.
5. If you experience discomfort when using this product, you should stop using it immediately to recover. When you use it again, you should follow the principle of short-term and multiple-frequency irradiation, and then use it normally after your body gradually adapts.

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