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[Facial Steamer for Face Professional] skin care facial steamer is a professional beauty facial spa machine. Nano steam particles that generate negatively charged ions during use, the nanocrystals are combined with ionized water particles can make 10 times penetrate the skin,deeply into the skin layer directly. It can moisturizes the skin and makes the skin more elastic.

[Outstanding Effect]Facial steamer provides a full range of facial deep hydration for your face. Reduce pigmentation, rejuvenate skin cells, restore firmness and improve skin quality by giving your face a warm spa. It can also be a pore cleaner to clean your pores. Suitable for all skin types. This facial skin care product is a great gift for friends, family and yourself.

[Never Get Scald] Facial steamer adopts a unique heating mode. Nano water mist will never burn your face due to high temperature. It allows your face to enjoy a safe and comfortable spa in an independent, non-smell and warm environment. In contrast, other face steamers will burn the face because of overheated steam.

[More for you] As a facial steamer for face professional, this beauty skin care tool can let you enjoy the painless, economical, effective and convenient facial SPA without going to the beauty salon. Besides, it is made of environmentally friendly materials. Non toxic and odorless. Can fully adapt to the high temperature at work. No noise during operation.

[Attention] 1. Facial steamer adopts a fully enclosed design, and the mask cannot be seen through during use. Therefore, it is not recommended for claustrophobic people. 2. The mask needs to be warmed up for one minute before working. Please wait a minute after turning on. 3. The amount of steam released by Bvcewilty facial steamer is professionally debugged. Too much steam can bead up and slide off your face, causing itching. Don't worry about the amount of steam.

[Multiple Mode] Facial steamer has a variety of water mist release modes. By controlling the mode A mode B mode C and mode D button, the continuous spray time can be adjusted to 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds respectively. By pressing "temp +" and "temp -" on the controller, the temperature of Facial Spa can be adjusted to 35-60 ℃. By pressing "T +" and "T -" on the controller, the time of Facial Spa can be controlled from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

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1 x Facial Steamer

1 x Charger Adapter

1 x English Manual

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