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Skyn Needling Cartridges

Esthetics professionals, aestheticians, and beauty professionals of all levels from beginners to experts can find their cartridge needs here. Offered in three different sizes, Nano Point, 11 Point, and 36 Point you can fulfill all your cosmetic and training needs. Ideal for all skin types and all practicing needs, you can purchase our 15 pack with 5 of each, or purchase single packs with 5 in each.

5 Cartridges in a Pack | For All Skin Types | FITS M8 PEN

Nano Round | Minimally Aggressive 
36 Point | Mildly Aggressive 
11 Point | More Aggressive


Choosing the type of needle tip you will uses will be determined during your consultation with the client. Your Skyn needling Kit includes three different types of needles:
Nano Needle Cartridges
These are miniature-sized needles that will penetrate about 0.25mm into the epidermis
These are much more gentler than the 11 and 36 point needles. They are ideal for gently infusing active ingredients into the skin, sort of like a supercharged facial. If your client has sensitive skin, or just wants a refreshing boost to the skin a few days before a special event, using the nano needle cartridge is a good choice. The nano needle can be used in the under eye area, but none of the needle cartridges including the nano needle should be used on the eyelid. The nano needle has no downtime and will treat fine lines, sagging skin and acne. You won't need to worry about swelling or excessive redness and irritation.
11 Point Needle Cartridges
A tip containing 11 needles that can reach a depth of 2mm
If the client needs a greater depth, but you are concerned about possible skin sensitivity, choosing a tip with a lower needle count is an ideal solution. This provides a  rejuvenating treatment for aging skin but less downtime than the other needles. You can use this on acne scars, stretch marks and surgical scars with the stamping technique. This is more aggressive than nano needling so there will be downtime and a longer healing process.
36 Point Needle Cartridges
A tip containing 36 needles that can reach a depth of 2mm
This needle count can be used with a circular motion instead of the stamping technique. If the client has had microneedling before and responded well, or there are no concerns about hyperpigmentation or skin sensitivity you can proceed with this maximum number of needles. Wrinkles, sun spots, and fine lines can all be treated very effectively with this cartridge. Because it is more aggressive there will be some downtime, and a longer healing process.



As purchaser of this product you promise to maintain and follow all recommendations before and after the treatment. Never under any circumstances use this product in an unauthorized or unintended fashion, or without consulting your physician prior to starting a new nutrition or cosmetic regime and prior to the first use of this product. For additional information about a product itself, please contact the manufacturer.

Not FDA approved; educational use only

The goods being provided through the services are provided for educational purposes only. Skyns products and devices are not sold as medical devices. They are intended for non medical practice or cosmetic use only. Skyn hereby disclaims all use of any skyn product not in accordance with these terms of service. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners.

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