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♥The effect of red light on skin care and beauty

1. 810nm,850nm infrared rays irradiate the human body to produce resonance absorption, which can cause fatigue and aging substances, such as lactic acid, free fatty acids, cholesterol, excess subcutaneous fat, etc., due to the activation of the hair follicle mouth and subcutaneous fat, directly metabolized from the skin without the kidneys . Therefore, it can make the skin smooth and soft. The physiotherapy effect of far-infrared rays can increase the body's heat energy and activate cells, thus promoting the metabolism of adipose tissue, burning and decomposing, and consuming excess fat, thereby effectively losing weight.

2. 630nm,660nm red light relaxes and strengthens capillaries to achieve blood circulation, enhances oxygen and accelerates detoxification, stimulates fibroblasts, strengthens collagen structure, and proliferates fur tissue, so it also has anti-aging effects. Red light is mainly The effect is whitening and lightening, skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal, smoothing of fine wrinkles, shrinking pores, proliferation of collagen, etc.

There will be slight drying after light, so please pay attention to cleansing and moisturizing. It can be used together with the mask. When irradiating the face, protect the eyes and do not look directly at the light source

♥The effect of red light on weight loss

Obesity is mainly due to the fact that the body's intake of calories is greater than the body's consumption of calories, and the excess calories will be converted into fat and cause obesity. Physical therapy weight loss is the use of infrared rays or ultrasound to accelerate fat metabolism, so as to achieve the goal of weight loss. There is no harm to the body through physical therapy to lose weight. When weight loss is carried out through physical therapy, it is necessary to pay attention to proper diet control and proper exercise at the same time, which is conducive to better weight loss.

♥Operation method of red light therapy

1. The user takes an appropriate distance and irradiates the part that needs to be irradiated.

2. Check the adaptation temperature of the irradiated part to the sensation of warmth

3. Move the red physiotherapy lamp to the appropriate position of the irradiation site, the distance is generally as follows:

Above 500W, the lamp distance should be above 50-60cm; 300-500W, the lamp distance should be 30-40cm; the power is below 200W, and the lamp distance should be below 20cm. The actual situation may prevail.

4. 15 to 30 minutes each time, 1 to 2 times a day,

5. At the end of the treatment, dry the sweat on the irradiated area, and the patient should rest indoors for 10-15 minutes before going out.


(1) Pay attention to the temperature of the irradiated area during use to prevent burns.

(2) If you feel overheating, palpitation, dizziness and other reactions during the irradiation, you need to stop immediately

(3) When the irradiated part is close to the eyes or the light can reach the eyes, gauze should be used to cover the eyes.

(4) If the user has thermal sensory disturbances, closely observe local reactions to avoid burns.

(5) The product is not a substitute for any medicine to treat various diseases, and the patients need to use it under the guidance of a doctor.

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