Are Ombré Brows Right for You?


No doubt you have heard of microblading but what about ombré brows? The word ombré is taken from a French word meaning, “to shade.” Ombré brows involve a transition of coloring from light to dark.

Ombré brows mimic the look of eyebrows filled in with eyeshadow. If you like that makeup look, this is a fantastic time saving option for your morning makeup routine. Ombré brows are similar to microblading in that it deposits pigment into the more superficial layers of skin. Microblading carves small hair-like strokes into the brow, but ombré brows use a PMU machine to place tiny dots on the eyebrow area. If you tried microblading and your results were not crisp and sharp, chances are the skin was too oily for the microblading technique to give great results. Ombré brows are a great choice for oily skin individuals and provide rich deep color that shows up even on darker skin tones. 

While the cost of receiving this treatment ranges from $300 and up, the investment is well worth it. Ombré brows typically last 2-5 years with factors such as skincare routine, sun exposure, skin type and genetics playing a role in determining just how long your procedure will last.

If you are looking to save time on makeup and look great while exercising, swimming or other activities, ombré brows might be right for you. If you are a beauty professional interested in bringing this service to your clients, check out our PMU ombré brows course!