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The Number #1 FREE Online Marketing Platform For Beauty Business Is Instagram.

With over 4.62 billion users on Instagram, 90% of small business have opted to use Instagram to market & sell their beauty products and beauty services. 80% of users base their beauty product and beauty service purchases off of Instagram. Skyn can show you how you can use Instagram to build your beauty business!

It can be hard to figure out how to land new clients, how to create your business profile, how to rank on Instagram, or how to market & sell your beauty business. No matter what your beauty profession, Skyn's Instagram Marketing Course will help guide you. 

Our Organic Instagram Marketing Course consists of 9 Lessons that will teach you:

- How to create a professional beauty business profile
- How to create an authentic voice for your business account
- Creating engaging content for followers & to land new ones
- How you can optimize hashtags & geotags to boost your content 
- Ways to bring in and lock new clients
- How to use Reels to bring in new customers fast
- How to collaborate with other beauty professionals in the beauty industry
- Instagram's Algorithm & how to rank
- Landing Influencers
- Instagram Insights
- Monetizing & generating revenue 

It's a step-by-step Instagram Marketing Course for Beauty Professionals to build their beauty brand, build their beauty presence, and to start making money.

Whether you're a Permanent Makeup Artist, a Nail Artist, a Lash Professional, an Esthetician, or Makeup Artist, this instagram marketing course is made for YOU and your beauty profession. Instagram is the #1 free platform to help you start your beauty business, land clients, and build your beauty brand.

Enroll in Skyn's Instagram Marketing For Beauty Professionals Course to organically grow your beauty business and start generating more revenue now.


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