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Master Permanent Makeup Eyeliner with Skyn's Online Training!

Unlock the secret behind the perfect, smudge-proof eyeliner that lasts all day and night. Dive into the world of Permanent Makeup Eyeliner with Skyn's comprehensive online course.

What is Permanent Makeup Eyeliner?
A transformative procedure where certified professionals use specialized ink to craft a lasting eyeliner look, be it a subtle line or a dramatic wing.

Why Skyn's PMU Eyeliner Online Training?

  • In-depth Curriculum: From eyeliner mapping, pigment selection to health and safety guidelines, we've got you covered.
  • Hands-on Experience: Submit practice sheets and receive real-time feedback from our experts.
  • For Everyone: Suitable for novices and experienced estheticians alike.

Course Highlights:

  • Efficient Workspace Setup: Learn to organize for safety and efficiency.
  • Eyeliner Mastery: Techniques for mapping, shaping, and pigment perfection.
  • Aftercare Protocols: Ensure your clients maintain their stunning results.

Benefits of Enrolling:

  • Access engaging demonstration videos and rich content.
  • Earn a recognized Certificate of Completion.
  • Master skills to boost your earnings and client satisfaction.

1x PMU High Quality Machine
U 1x Flat Mannequin Head
(Includes 2 sets of replaceable eye and lips part )
2x Mircoblading pens (Fog Eyebrow. Floating Eyebrow)
(3) 4x Eyebrow Pencils(Brown, Gray, Dark brown, Black)
(4) 1x Silicone Tattoo Plain Practice Skin
(6) 1x Silicone Tattoo Lip Practice Skin
6 1x Silicone Tattoo Face Practice Skin
0 1x Silicone Tattoo Eyes Practice Skin
8x Rubber Tattoo Eyebrow Practice Skins
9 4x Bottles of Tattoo Pigment
(Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Rose Red)
(10) 10×18 Pins Needles
(11)10×14 Pins Needles
() 5× 15 Pins Double Row Needles (Fog Eyebrow)
(13) 5x 23 Pins Needles (Double Eyeliner)
(4) 5x R3 Needles (Fog Eyebrow)
(15) 5x R5 Needles (Foq Eyebrow)
(6) 1x Roll of Fresh-keeping Film
10x Eyebrow Tattoo Practice Skin Wipe Strip
(Prevent fading, repair)
(B) 12x Eyebrow Shape Templates
(19) 100x Cotton Swabs
(20 100x Medium Pigment Rings (1 package)
(2 300x Finger Condoms (1 package)

Who Can Enroll?
No license or prior experience? No worries! Just ensure you're familiar with your state's PMU licensing requirements before enrolling.

Note: This training doesn't include products or machines. They need to be purchased separately.

Elevate Your Beauty Career with Skyn's PMU Eyeliner Training Today!

Important Notices:
Skyn Aesthetics Group LLC advises all members and students to research local regulations. It's crucial to understand the rules and regulations of your country, state, city, and county if you're considering offering these professional services. As Skyn Aesthetics Group operates globally, we cannot guarantee specific local details.

Training access is valid for 365 days. Post this period, access will be revoked. If an extension is required, please reach out, but we encourage completion within the stipulated timeframe.

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Once we ship items we cannot accept them for return whether you have opened the package or not. All Sales Are Final. We do not reuse, refurbish or resell them so that each beauty professional gets a sterile and clean device and supplies for their business. This is an industry standard practice for aesthetic supplies and courses.


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