Can I Become Certified Online?

Universities and reputable schools have offered online learning for decades, so why would an online beauty certification be any different? It's not! With the advances in technology today, you can learn become certified online.

Skyn offers multiple tools and interfaces for you to read, listen to, watch, and practice with. No matter if your device is a phone, laptop, or tablet we created these courses to work seamlessly for you. We broke down our systematic plan for educating you below. 

Even though this course is online you have a  trainer and a team to help and support you. 

The courses are set up in modules or lessons. In the modules we put together different multimedia tools to provide you with an IN DEPTH education so you can learn the most. In each of the modules you can find:

  • Videos,
  • Pictures,
  • Diagrams, 
  • Charts, 
  • Client sheets,
  • Practice worksheets , and
  • Texts. 

We want to provide you with a holistic education so you understand the science and how to provide your clients with the best results possible. In the Hyaluron Pen, Fibroblast, Microneedling, Ombre Brow Online Trainings you will learn:

  • How to Use the Machine
  • Mapping and Areas to work
  • Anatomy of the Face, Lips, and Skin
  • The Science behind the Technology 
  • Before & Aftercare 
  • Client Disqualifications 
  • Proper Product Placement 
  • Health and Safety Guidelines 
  • Procedure Precautions and Protocols 

The course goes into detail on each of these sections because we believe in this course and in your ability to succeed. With videos and pictures with diagrams, we are confident you will be able to learn this skill and the techniques. Our trainer has videos to show you what a full procedure looks like. She shares her thoughts, questions to ask yourself, what to look for, and step-by-step instructions. 

At the end, we have worksheets, demonstrations, live procedure videos, and an online test for you to complete. Once you turn in the work and complete the requirements, you will receive an emailed certificate. 

No matter where you are, you have the training right at your finger tips. Millions of people learn from online courses and you can too.