Can YOU Really Become Certified Online??

Online Beauty Training Courses

For decade universities and reputable schools have offered online education courses for every discipline. Now with the pandemic, online education programs are at an all-time high. One industry expanding with online training courses is the beauty industry.

Online beauty training courses that are online or offer a hybrid of online mixed with in-person training sessions are becoming popularized. Technology is branching business leaders and experts with students across the world. It’s a wonderful thing, but you need to be cautious when selecting your trainings.  

When you are searching for the right online beauty training program these are the major questions to answer so you can to make sure it’s the best one for YOU.

Does this online beauty training class have as many learning methods as possible to help me retain the most amount of information?

You’re learning from home which allows for flexibility and for you to work when you have time in your schedule. Since you’re doing it all from home, you want a online beauty training course that can offer you as many learning methods as possible. Learning methods are things such as visual aids, texts, summaries, and diagrams. These learning methods are what helps you to retain as much information as possible. Everyone needs a combination of these methods to learn, so selecting a course will all of these and more means you will be able to remember and learn more information.


Does the online beauty training course offer me hands on training and hands on practice?

This is a beauty training for a beauty procedure that will require you to practice methods, techniques, and skills. You will need a course that can offer you at least worksheets for hands-on practice. This is a key element in retaining and developing your own techniques and skills. An online beauty training course should offer you practice worksheets for beauty procedures, and if possible kits with fake skins for you to get a real feel of the procedures. 


When I take this online beauty training course, will I have additional support or help as I move through the training?

It’s a brave move to take on & master a new esthetics procedures and make it a career choice or for supplemental income. You should never take a leap like this alone. When you purchase an online beauty training program, make sure you have a way to ask questions and to get feedback on your work.


Does the online beauty training program offer me a certification from a licensed trainer?

Your online beauty training program should be led by a esthetics professionals in the aesthetics industry. They should have experience and certification to back their methods and trainings. Once you complete your online beauty training program make sure you can receive a certificate of completion. You put in the work, make sure you can show it off.

These four questions can help you to understand what YOU need out of an online beauty training course and can help you to pick out those high-quality online beauty training programs built to help YOU become the best esthetician and aesthetics professional.


Why is Skyn Aesthetics Group’s Online Beauty Training Courses the best choice?

Skyn offers online beauty training classes in a wide array of esthetics skills such as; Permanent Makeup Ombre Brows, Microblading, Permanent Makeup Eyeliner, PMU Lip Blush, HyaPen Enhancements, Micro needling, and Plasma Fibroblast. Each of our courses is developed and created with certified estheticians, aesthetics professionals who have years of experience and training backgrounds.

Skyn values high quality training programs, which is why they created them with

  • live demonstration videos,
  • diagrams for the techniques,
  • tables for how to approach a client’s face or body for each procedure,
  • step-by-step instructions,
  • summaries at the end of each lesson,
  • illustrations for methods,
  • practice worksheets,
  • a quiz to test your retention,
  • and scientific explanations for each procedure.

Each online beauty training program goes over everything you would need to know to learn each beauty procedure and tips from our trainers on what they do for each procedure. With 365 days of access to the course, you’ll have plenty of time to learn the materials and go over them again during your first year.

Skyn’s standards for high quality means we have training kits to accompany the training classes. We offer the highest quality of training kits, but also permanent makeup supplies and aesthetics supplies.

When you go with Skyn’s online esthetics training courses you also have a care team and a trainer to help you answer questions, provide support, or to give you feedback on your work. At the end of your training you will complete a quiz, turn in work, and send in videos of you successfully performing the procedures. Once you pass each step, you will become certified in your esthetics procedure!

You make the right choice when you choose Skyn’s online esthetics training courses.

If you’re not sure about whether the permanent makeup procedure you want to learn is regulated or requires additional licenses in your state, we have a blog with links to help you out with that too. Click here to check your state regulations on permanent makeup.

Start your beauty career today and chose the right online beauty training course for YOU.