In Person Microblading Classes vs. Online Training: What's Best?

Permanent Makeup Online Course vs. Live PMU Training

You’ve decided to enter the exciting field of Microblading or Permanent Makeup. You’re ready to learn Microblading, receive your certificate, and begin your high-income career or side hustle. But first, you need to decide which kind of Microblading class to pick, an in person or online training. Picking between the two can be stressful with a lot of information to shift through, so let us help you.

Here is information to help you better choose whether Microblading online courses or live Microblading courses are best for you. This list will help you to understand the positives and the negatives of each Microblading Class, so let’s get into it.

To start, both forms of Microblading trainings are open to anyone who is interested in learning this procedure and usually require little to no experience. 


What are In Person Microblading Classes?

In person Microblading Classes, or also known as live Microblading classes, are workshops that give you face to face Microblading trainings. They are set up with a master Microblading trainer or Microblading instructor who will teach you, the students, how to perform Microblading procedures. They cover the theory, practices, techniques, skills, then have you practice in front of them to help you with your techniques and skills. You take the course over 1-3 days and to receive your certificate of completion, you perform your procedure on a live model on the last day.

Some trainings provide you with the Microblading equipment you need to practice your skills and perform your final exam procedure, but others will require you to purchase your equipment beforehand. To find one of these Microblading trainings, you will need to research Microblading Classes near me.

The cost to attend one of these live Microblading trainings can run from $2500 to $7000 for a 1-3 day live permanent makeup class.

 Live permanent makeup courses vs online training

The Pros of In Person Microblading Classes

When you decided to go with in person Microblading classes, you have the benefit of having real time, face to face procedure practice and training. Your trainer is there in front of you to watch as you work, to provide you with instant feedback, and the trainer can perform the procedure face to face with you. Most of the attendees are beginners who want to see the procedures done in front of them and to be able to ask questions as the trainer demonstrates.

With a live Microblading training your trainer can immediately give you advice, tips, and tricks. After you complete the live demonstration on a model for your trainer, you become instantly certified on the spot without having to wait. In being around so many aspiring Microblading professionals and a Microblading trainer, you can network with people to build relationships or partnerships in real time.


The Cons of In Person Microblading Classes:

An in person Microblading class although it has its benefit, it also has quite a few negatives. There is a deposit that can run upwards of 50% just to hold your spot. Most places make the deposit nonrefundable so if an emergency comes up or you cannot make the training, you lose your money.

The amount you have to pay for an in person training can be quiet expensive. Plus, the travel and lodging expenses are not included, so you have to take that into consideration. Depending on the trainer and who is hosting the live Microblading training, there may even be additional hidden fees, upsells, or up charges. 

You’re only there for 1-3 days, which means the information and the training is very accelerated. There is a lot of information to teach you so your trainer will go through it quickly and you only have a few days to soak it all up often without a way to revisit it again. We’ve spoke to many students, and they tend to feel overwhelmed with live Microblading and permanent trainings.

Once you complete the training and receive your certification, sone of the time you’re on your own afterwards. Without continued assistant or guidance. Some trainers even promise support after the class, but when you try to get a hold of them it’s a different story. There usually isn’t a lot of support for you after you leave the training.

 Why Online Permanent Makeup Training Is Better Than Live Training

What are Online Microblading Training Classes?

An online Microblading class is setup virtually by a training team with the guidance of a Master Microblading trainer or instructor (sometimes more than one) with all the same information from an in-person class such as theory, skills, techniques, and tips. The Master Microblading instructor takes all their knowledge, experiences, and puts the information into text form, illustrations of what to do, diagrams of how to approach different faces or features, and prerecorded videos of them performing, talking through live procedures. All for you to learn from and follow along with.

Online Microblading classes are to be completed online through lessons, worksheets, quizzes, and they usually have the option to purchase a practice kit for hands on trainings. When you purchase an online Microblading training course you take the course from home, practice at home, and send in your work to a trainer via email.  

To pass most online Microblading classes you must go through the lessons, complete their final exam, if you pass you continue to the live procedures, record yourself, then send in the videos to your trainer. Your trainer provides feedback within a matter of hours or days and if everything looks good you receive your certificate via email.

Once you pass you usually have access to the course and all its information for a year or longer. Plus, you usually have a team you can reach out to if you have any questions.

With an online training the cost depends on the trainings they range from $400 - $2,500 and that usually includes a full training kit with everything you need to train and get started on live clients.


Pros of Online Microblading Classes

One of the beauties of having an online Microblading class is you’re able to work on it at your own pace, from home, and around your schedule. There is no traveling, no hidden fees, or an astronomical amount of money to pay. You pay a flat fee and receive access to your online training instantly along with your practice kit.

Course access extends anywhere from 1 year or longer, which allows for you to take your time with the training. Plus, if you finish within that time frame you can have access during your first few months of offering the procedure at your business or as you start your career.

You have a trainer and a team you can message back and forth with for a year or longer if you need support after that. You’re not left alone to navigate the beginning of your Microblading career after you pass. Instead, you have people you can email who are experienced with the business that can help you out.

The pricing is for an online Microblading training versus an in person Microblading training is dramatic. If you decide to go online, you can purchase your online training and a kit for half of a full training in person.


Cons of Online Microblading Classes

An online Microblading Class means pretty much everything is done virtually. Your submissions, the responses, all done online. This means a trainer’s responses can take a little longer to receive, they’re not as instantaneous as an in-person training but they are usually same or next day depending on the permanent makeup course provider.

 What's Better Online Microblading Training or Live Classes?

In Person Microblading or Online Microblading Class: Which One Is Right For YOU?

To be honest, it all depends on which one you prefer. However, many students are surprised with how much value they get out of an online course. No to mention the price of an online training is unbeatable. You have access to the course longer, you have a team after you earn your certification, plus you can work when you have the time, and have a kit to practice with.

We surveyed our students that had taken both online permanent makeup classes and a live in person course and found most prefer online training. The majority of students said they felt very confident preforming procedures on clients after their online course. While just half of the students felt fully confident after a live in person permanent makeup class. 

Less than 10% of students decided they felt they needed to take an in-person training after training online. However, that can be a great strategy. Learn online first, then follow up for a live if needed. Many artists will allow you to shadow a procedure for a small fee.  They get the in-person experience they wanted but they also have all the information online for them to access whenever.

You know yourself best, so make the best decision for you. From most Microblading and permanent artists we have talked to though though, they’ve preferred the stress-free, online training where they can work at their own pace, keep the information on hand, save money, and feel confident completing the procedure on clients.


Interested In An Online Training Course?

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