Microblading vs. Ombre Brows

Beautiful eyebrows are the gateway to the soul. 

Well, the original quote says "Eyes are the portal to the soul." But which of your features can shape and draw attention to your eyes? The eyebrows. When your eyebrows have a beautiful and full body, your eyes stand out. Your eyebrows are just as important as your eyes. Which is why Microblading and Ombre Brows are in high demand. They allow for natural looking eyebrows but without the everyday maintenance. 

How do you know which one to pick for yourself or your clients?

When it comes to deciding which set to create for yourself or your clients, the skin type and the natural build of the brow are the two most important points to start from. 

If the skin is oily, Microblading is not an ideal match. The ink does not take as well to oily skin. Ombre Brows work for any skin type, so if you're skin is oily Ombre Brows are the better choice.

Do you style your eyebrows large and bold? The Ombre Brows provide a natural powder look to them, allowing for the eyebrows to look bold and big. This is ideal for those with thinner eyebrows. If you prefer a more natural look with strokes replicating eyebrow hairs, then Microblading is an ideal choice. Microblading works for those with fairly filled out eyebrows.

Two great options to pick from. All you need to do is answer a few questions, then you'll know.