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See all the permanent makeup pigments available to purchase online below. Our PMU pigments are made using cruelty free practices and they're 100% vegan, ensuring the highest quality for permanent makeup artist, cosmetic tattoo professionals, and estheticians alike. Each permanent makeup ink was specially crafted for permanent cosmetics and cosmetic tattooing. We ship to brow professionals worldwide and free on orders of PMU products over $50 in the US. 

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Browse through the semi-permanent makeup pigments to find the right one for your permanent makeup needs. Each PMU eyebrow pigment can be used to shade, tattoo, and create PMU Ombre Brows, PMU Microblading Brows, PMU Nano Brows, PMU Powder Brows, PMU Combo Brows, and Eyebrow Corrections. Our permanent makeup Lip Blush pigments are made to create a semi-permanent makeup lip color that lasts. The PMU Eyeliner can be used by a cosmetic tattoo artist and esthetician to create crisp, dark lines. We also offer SMP Scalp Micro-pigmentation for tattooing onto the scalp. Each permanent makeup pigment can be purchased here and also come in one of our professional ONLINE TRAINING COURSES & KITS for Semi-Permanent Eyeliner, PMU Ombre Brows, PMU Lip Blush, and PMU Microblading.

If you have any questions about our permanent makeup pigments or products, just drop a message on the purple website chat.


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