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Our comprehensive online Permanent Makeup Training in Chicago, Illinois offers everything you need to excel and succeed in the competitive beauty industry. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing skills, our training package is designed to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned professionals. We provide expert classes in permanent makeup application through an innovative hybrid training model.

Learn Skills Online + Get Feedback 

Learn the basics at your own pace

Schedule In-Person Training
Get in-person training support

Become PMU Certified
Start your permanent makeup career


Learn Skills Online + Get Feedback 

Learn the basics at your own pace

Schedule In-Person Training
Get in-person training support

Become PMU Certified
Start your permanent makeup career

hybrid learning model: online courses with hands-on training in phoenix

Online Learning at Your Own Pace

Kickstart your journey with our specially designed online courses for Permanent Makeup Training in Chicago, Illinois. Immerse yourself in detailed video tutorials, comprehensive written materials, and interactive worksheets—all crafted to make your PMU learning experience as effective and engaging as possible.

One Day PMU Training in Chicago

After mastering the basics through our online platform, elevate your skills with a one-day intensive classes session right here in Chicago. This in-person experience offers a perfect opportunity to refine your techniques under the guidance of seasoned professionals, tackling any hands-on challenges you might encounter.

Simple Certification Process

Our hybrid training model provides certifications for both online and optional in-person training components, showcasing your expertise and commitment to high standards. Choose to complete your training entirely online or engage in our hands-on sessions to achieve full certification in permanent makeup in Chicago, Illinois.

Get Four Online Permanent Makeup Courses in One:

Our diverse learning options, which include both online modules and in-person workshops, guarantee a pathway to success. Seize the opportunity to develop your PMU and microblading skills in Chicago.

Permanent Makeup Training Courses + 2 Free Bonus Courses:


PMU Lips

Ombre Brows

PMU Eyeliner

Free Instagram Marketing

Free AI Marketing Course

What To Expect?

  Easy-to-follow demonstration videos
  Engaging written content
  Interactive worksheets and fake skins 
 Online certification for each course
  Expert feedback from pro instructors
  Continuous post-training support
  Client consultation and consent forms
  Skills to create lasting beauty results

Who Can Enroll?

  No previous experience required
  No prior machine knowledge needed
•  Open to students from any background
 Check local PMU licensing requirements

 Students from past training welcome
•   No license needed to begin

Your Practice Kit Includes:

  Fake skins
  Practice pigments
  Practice skin
  Mannequin head
  Permanent Makeup Machine

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help


How do I become a permanent makeup artist in Chicago?

To become a permanent makeup artist in Chicago, consider enrolling in our comprehensive Permanent Makeup Training course in Chicago, Illinois. Our program offers extensive training in all essential techniques, and we guide you on how to comply with local health regulations and safety standards, which may include completing a bloodborne pathogens course and obtaining the necessary permits. This preparation ensures that you are well-equipped to start your career in permanent makeup, aligning with Chicago's specific requirements.

What does the face-to-face training session include?

This includes 5 hours of face-to-face training. The in-person session offers personalized, hands-on training with a skilled instructor to refine your techniques and address any specific challenges you may have.

What do you need to do permanent makeup in Illinois?

To practice permanent makeup in Illinois, you must complete a certified training program and obtain a license from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Our Permanent Makeup Training in Chicago offers the necessary education and guidance to help you meet these requirements and navigate the licensing process successfully.

Is permanent makeup in high demand?

Yes, permanent makeup is in high demand, especially in urban centers like Chicago. The growing interest in cosmetic enhancements and the high visibility of beauty trends on social media contribute to a robust market for skilled permanent makeup artists.

Can I complete my certification entirely online?

Yes, you can obtain your full certification through our online courses. The face-to-face training  is an add-on for those desiring hands-on practice. If you do not use your online course we are willing to give a partial refund for the face-to-face training portion.  

How do I start working as a permanent makeup artist?

After completing your Permanent Makeup Training in Chicago and obtaining your license, start by building a portfolio of your work. Network with local salons, spas, and clinics to find employment opportunities or consider starting your own permanent makeup business. Our program includes business and marketing advice to help you establish a successful practice.

How much do permanent makeup artists make in Chicago?

Being a permanent makeup artists in Chicago can indeed be quite lucrative. For example, many artists can easily achieve $140,000 in gross revenue annually by performing just five procedures each week. This earning potential is based on the number of clients they serve, the prices they charge, and their reputation for delivering quality work. With the right training and dedication to mastering the craft, a career in permanent makeup offers substantial financial rewards along with the satisfaction of enhancing clients' beauty and confidence.


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