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Unlock the door to a flourishing beauty career with our comprehensive online Permanent Makeup Training in Phoenix Arizona. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing skills, our package offers all the training you need to excel and succeed in the competitive beauty industry. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned professionals, providing a solid foundation in permanent makeup application through an innovative hybrid training model.

Learn Skills Online + Get Feedback 

Learn the basics at your own pace

Schedule In-Person Training
Get in-person training support

Become PMU Certified
Start your permanent makeup career


Learn Skills Online + Get Feedback 

Learn the basics at your own pace

Schedule In-Person Training
Get in-person training support

Become PMU Certified
Start your permanent makeup career

hybrid learning model: online courses with hands-on training in phoenix

Online Learning at Your Own Pace

Begin your journey with our structured online courses at your own pace. These courses include detailed video tutorials, comprehensive written materials, and interactive worksheets that make learning engaging and effective. You’ll gain a deep understanding of various PMU techniques such as microblading, ombre powder brows, PMU eyeliner, and lip blushing.

One Day PMU Training in Phoenix

After mastering the basics online, you have the ability to attend to a one-day face-to-face training session. This session is designed to enhance your skills further, allowing you to practice under the supervision of experienced professionals. Located within 25 miles of Phoenix, these sessions provide an excellent opportunity to refine your techniques and address any practical challenges.

Simple Certification Process

Our hybrid model ensures that you receive certifications for both the online and optional in-person components, documenting your expertise and commitment to high standards in the field of permanent makeup. You may not need the face to face training and you can get fully certified in permanent makeup in Phoenix Arizona online if you choose.

Get Four Online Permanent Makeup Courses in One:

Our online PMU training covers all the essential skills you need to get started. Once you complete your online coursework, you can schedule an in-person training session to further enhance your techniques with a hands-on demonstration for permanent makeup training in Phoenix.

Permanent Makeup Training Courses + 2 Free Bonus Courses:


PMU Lips

Ombre Brows

PMU Eyeliner

Free Instagram Marketing

Free AI Marketing Course

What To Expect?

  Easy-to-follow demonstration videos
  Engaging written content
  Interactive worksheets and fake skins 
 Online certification for each course
  Expert feedback from pro instructors
  Continuous post-training support
  Client consultation and consent forms
  Skills to create lasting beauty results

Who Can Enroll?

  No previous experience required
  No prior machine knowledge needed
•  Open to students from any background
 Check local PMU licensing requirements

 Students from past training welcome
•   No license needed to begin

Your Practice Kit Includes:

  Fake skins
  Practice pigments
  Practice skin
  Mannequin head
  Permanent Makeup Machine

End your search for top-notch Permanent Makeup Training in Phoenix Arizona with us. With options for both online learning and practical in-person sessions, you're set for success. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your skills by taking a PMU and Microblading class in Phoenix Arizona. Sign up today and take a step towards a lucrative career in the beauty industry!


Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help


How do I start a career in permanent makeup?

To start a career in permanent makeup, begin with a professional training program like our Permanent Makeup Training in Phoenix. Ensure you receive proper certification, which may be required in your area. Practice your skills extensively, obtain any necessary licensing, and consider setting up your own business or joining an existing studio. Continuous learning and adaptation to new techniques are crucial for success in this evolving industry.

What does the face-to-face training session include?

This includes 5 hours of face-to-face training. The in-person session offers personalized, hands-on training with a skilled instructor to refine your techniques and address any specific challenges you may have.

How do I start a career in permanent makeup?

Begin your career in permanent makeup by taking a professional training course. Our Permanent Makeup Class in Phoenix provides you with the essential skills and knowledge to start practicing safely and effectively. This training will also help you build a portfolio and network with industry professionals.

Can you do permanent makeup at home in Arizona?

Doing permanent makeup at home in Arizona is possible if you have the proper licensing and comply with all health and safety regulations. It's essential to create a professional environment that meets industry standards.

Is permanent makeup in high demand?

Yes, permanent makeup is in high demand, especially in cities like Phoenix where beauty and wellness industries thrive. As people seek ways to enhance their appearance with long-lasting results, skilled permanent makeup artists are increasingly sought after.

How much is it to do a Microblading course in Arizona?

The cost of a microblading course can vary, but our Permanent Makeup and Microblading Training in Phoenix offers competitive pricing that includes microblading among other techniques. Investing in comprehensive training ensures you are well-prepared to offer high-quality services.

How lucrative is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup can indeed be quite lucrative. For example, many artists can easily achieve $140,000 in gross revenue annually by performing just five procedures each week. This earning potential is based on the number of clients they serve, the prices they charge, and their reputation for delivering quality work. With the right training and dedication to mastering the craft, a career in permanent makeup offers substantial financial rewards along with the satisfaction of enhancing clients' beauty and confidence.

Can you do permanent makeup at home in Arizona?

In Arizona, while you can perform permanent makeup at home, it's critical to ensure your workspace meets local health and safety standards. Regulations may not specifically prohibit operating from a home-based setting, but achieving the necessary environment that adheres to hygiene and safety protocols is challenging. This includes maintaining sterility to prevent the transmission of blood-borne diseases. Ensuring compliance with these standards is essential for legal and health reasons​.

For comprehensive training that covers these important health and safety aspects, consider enrolling in a permanent makeup course, such as our Permanent Makeup Training in Phoenix. This can prepare you to meet all professional standards and set up a compliant practice, whether at home or in a commercial setting.


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