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Dive into a thriving beauty career with our comprehensive online Permanent Makeup Training in San Diego, California. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our program is crafted to help you excel in this dynamic industry. We offer a balanced approach with both foundational teachings and advanced techniques, ensuring readiness for the competitive market.

Learn Skills Online + Get Feedback 

Learn the basics at your own pace

Schedule In-Person Training
Get in-person training support

Become PMU Certified
Start your permanent makeup career


Learn Skills Online + Get Feedback 

Learn the basics at your own pace

Schedule In-Person Training
Get in-person training support

Become PMU Certified
Start your permanent makeup career

hybrid learning model: online courses with hands-on training in san diego

Online Learning at Your Own Pace

Our customized online courses are designed specifically for Permanent Makeup Training in San Diego. Enjoy access to detailed video tutorials, in-depth written content, and interactive activities that make learning both effective and enjoyable. You’ll explore key PMU practices such as microblading, ombre powder brows, PMU eyeliner, and lip blushing from the comfort of your home.

One Day PMU Training in San Diego

After you grasp the basics online, you can opt for our one-day intensive in-person training in San Diego. This session is designed to deepen your skills through practical, hands-on experience with seasoned professionals, providing a critical opportunity to refine your technique and tackle real-world challenges.

Simple Certification Process

Our hybrid training model allows you to gain certifications through both online learning and optional face-to-face sessions. This approach ensures you receive a comprehensive education that meets industry standards, preparing you for a successful career in permanent makeup.

Get Four Online Permanent Makeup Classes in One:

Our online PMU training encompasses all you need to kickstart your journey. After completing our comprehensive online courses, schedule a face-to-face session for permanent makeup training in San Diego to perfect your skills.

Permanent Makeup Training Courses + 2 Free Bonus Courses:


PMU Lips

Ombre Brows

PMU Eyeliner

Free Instagram Marketing

Free AI Marketing Course

What To Expect?

  Easy-to-follow demonstration videos
  Engaging written content
  Interactive worksheets and fake skins 
 Online certification for each course
  Expert feedback from pro instructors
  Continuous post-training support
  Client consultation and consent forms
  Skills to create lasting beauty results

Who Can Enroll?

  No previous experience required
  No prior machine knowledge needed
•  Open to students from any background
 Check local PMU licensing requirements

 Students from past training welcome
•   No license needed to begin

Your Practice Kit Includes:

  Fake skins
  Practice pigments
  Practice skin
  Mannequin head
  Permanent Makeup Machine

Secure your success in the beauty industry with our exceptional Permanent Makeup Training in San Diego. Our blended approach of online and in-person PMU class ensures you master both PMU and microblading skills. 

Enroll today and advance toward a rewarding career in San Diego!


Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help


How do I become a permanent makeup artist in California?

To become a permanent makeup artist in California, you'll need to complete a training program in permanent makeup techniques. Additionally, you will also need to take a Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Training, which can be completed separately. This training is essential to ensure you comply with health and safety regulations. After completing your training, you should verify any specific requirements in your local area, as these can vary, including any additional steps to obtain your license.

Our Permanent Makeup Training in San Diego, California, provides comprehensive courses to help you master all necessary skills and knowledge, preparing you for a successful career in this field.

What does the face-to-face training session include?

The in-person session in San Diego includes a 5 hour personalized, hands-on training with skilled instructors. It's designed to refine your techniques and address any specific challenges, providing practical experience in techniques like microblading and PMU applications.

Do you need a license to Microblade in California?

Yes, performing permanent makeup in California requires a license. This ensures that all practitioners meet the safety and health standards necessary to provide these services safely. Our courses cover all aspects of training and licensing preparation to help you start your career confidently.

Can I complete my certification entirely online?

Yes, you can obtain your full certification through our online courses. The face-to-face training  is an add-on for those desiring hands-on practice. If you do not use your online course we are willing to give a partial refund for the face-to-face training portion.  

How do I get my PMU license in California?

To get your PMU license in California, complete a certified training program, submit proof of hepatitis B vaccination, and successfully pass the licensing requirements set by your local health department. Our Permanent Makeup Classes in San Diego provide the necessary education and support to help you navigate the licensing process effectively.

Is permanent makeup in high demand?

Permanent makeup is very popular, particularly in cities like San Diego where the beauty industry thrives. By completing our training, you'll acquire the latest skills in high demand, positioning you for a successful career in this growing market.

Is PMU profitable?

PMU is highly profitable, especially in urban areas with high demand for beauty services. Our PMU Class in San Diego not only equips you with essential skills but also includes business and marketing strategies to help you establish and grow a successful permanent makeup business. Many artists in San Diego can easily earn $140,000 annually by doing just 5 procedures a week. 


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