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Become a Certified Permanent Makeup Professional with Skyn Aesthetics Group's Hybrid Training Program

Unlock your potential in the booming field of cosmetic tattooing with Skyn Aesthetics Group's comprehensive Hybrid Permanent Makeup Training Program. Our innovative approach combines the convenience of online learning with the effectiveness of hands-on training, providing both novice and experienced beauticians with the skills needed to excel in this high-demand industry.

What the Hybrid Program Includes:

  • Online Training Modules: Start your journey from the comfort of your home with our four detailed online courses covering Microblading, Ombre Powder Brows, PMU Eyeliner, and PMU Lip Blushing. Each course is designed to take you through the fundamentals to more advanced techniques, ensuring you master every aspect of permanent makeup application.
  • One-Day In-Person Workshop: After completing your online training, refine your skills with a one-day in-person session led by industry experts. This hands-on workshop allows you to practice your techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors within 50 miles of you, ensuring you’re ready to handle real-world scenarios confidently.
  • Comprehensive Training Kit: Receive a fully-equipped training kit including a high-quality PMU machine, practice skins, microblading pens, various pigments, needles, and much more to facilitate both your online and in-person learning experience.
  • Free Instagram Marketing Course: Enhance your business acumen with our complimentary course on Instagram marketing, designed to help you attract and retain clients in today's competitive market.

Certification and Benefits: Upon successful completion of the online courses and the in-person training, participants will receive a PMU Certificate, recognizing their proficiency and allowing them to immediately begin practicing as certified permanent makeup artists. Graduates of our program typically see substantial income opportunities, with potential earnings between $400 to $800 per treatment.

Why Choose Skyn Aesthetics Group?

  • Flexibility: Learn at your pace online and then solidify your skills with practical, hands-on experience.
  • Expertise: Benefit from the knowledge of seasoned professionals and gain insider tips that only come from years of experience.
  • Support: Even after your training, receive continuous support and feedback from our dedicated team to ensure your long-term success in the industry.

Enrollment Information: Our hybrid program is open to everyone; no prior licensing or experience is required. Please verify your local PMU licensing requirements before enrolling.

Seize the opportunity to turn your passion for beauty into a lucrative career. Enroll today and transform your future with Skyn Aesthetics Group's Hybrid Permanent Makeup Training Program!

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