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10 PCS PMU Needle Cartridge With Safety Membrane for Cordless Tattoo Machine Ombre Powder Brow

Every aesthetics, esthetics, beauty, and permanent makeup professional needs a durable, reliable, and precise permanent makeup needle. Each needle should be a permanent makeup artist's paintbrush when it comes to cosmetic tattooing. Skyn's PMU cartilages are made to serve as the paintbrush to create fine, crisp lines, shade in eyebrows or lip color, and create perfect permanent makeup. 

Skyn Liner Needle (R1) Uses:
- Ombre Brows
- Nano Brows & Combination Brows
- PMU Lip Lining 
- Scalp Micropigmentation
- PMU Eyeliner 

Skyn Shading Needles (R3) Uses:
- Powder Brow Shading
- Lip Blush Shading
- Density Scalp Microbigmentation   


  • ✅ 1RL/1P SINGLE NEEDLE: Single needle perfect for eyeliner, microblading strokes, shading, lip tattoo
  • ✅ STERILIZED: Sterilized by EO Gas with lot number
  • ✅ PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY: Only recommended for professional use only
  • ✅ DISPOSABLE CARTRIDGES: For M PMU Cordless Machine 


Skyn Aesthetics Group LLC



As purchaser of this product you promise to maintain and follow all recommendations before and after the treatment. Never under any circumstances use this product in an unauthorized or unintended fashion, or without consulting your physician prior to starting a new nutrition or cosmetic regime and prior to the first use of this product.


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