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The video will provide you with an example of how to perform a lash lift on your client. When you perform a lash lift you need to predetermine what size lift your client is looking for. In the Skyn Lash Lift Kit there are size options to choose from ranging from a small lift to a large, prominent lift. This will give you guidelines on how to perform the lift from start to finish and what to expect.

Even though this is a lift or a 'perm' of the lashes, it will fade over time and the lashes will return to their natural state. Your client can come back in 8 weeks to perform additional lash lifts but remember they should be at least 8 weeks apart to prevent damage and breakage.


lash lift procedure

The first thing we do before any procedure is to sanitize the area with an alcohol wipe. Be sure to rid the area of any excess oils, makeup residue, or bacteria. 


Select the appropriate eyelash pad you and your client agreed on. Place a fair amount of glue on the back of the eyelash pad. Wait a moment so allow for the glue to become a little tacky, then place on the upper part of the eyelid. It will fit snug on the eyelid, but depending on the eye shape the ends of the pad might stick out. 

Use the glue applicator to place the glue on the pad, then gently use the pink applicator or your clean finger to curl the lashes up onto the glue and pad. Once they're on, let them sit for a minute. Use your eyelash comb to brush the eyelashes into their place. If some of the lashes come off, it's okay and you'll see why in a few steps. Your finger is also okay to use to place the lashes on the pads. 



Once on the pads, use an applicator to place the serum onto the lashes on the pads. Do so gently and place a fair amount of the serum on. Once you have it on in an even line, use a sterile wrap to lift any fallen lashes onto the pad and seal them down. This is why it's okay if some of the lashes fall off the pad, you can use the wrap to hold them up. 

Let them sit for about 8-10 minutes.



After 8-10 minutes, take the wrap off of the lashes and use an applicator to gently remove some of serum #1. Once you've done so, apply the fixation serum to the lashes and onto the pad. Place a fair amount of it on, you want to make sure each lash is coated. Place a new sterile piece of wrap over the lashes and let them rest.

Let it sit for 8-10 minutes. 



Once 8-10 minutes have passed, remove the wrap. Wipe the serums off the lashes using an applicator. Once you've done so you can place the nourishment onto the lashes while on the pad to loosen them. Peel the pad off of the eye and the lashes. Wipe away and reside on the skin using water or with the nourishing serum. Once done, comb the lashes with a dry wand. Use the nourishing applicator to apply the nourishing serum onto the lashes and brush through. You don't want to put too much on and over damp them, so do one swoop through the lashes with the nourishing serum. Brush the lashes again.

Tell your client to smile and take a photo :)

Procedure Tips:

Be sure to place enough of the glue on the pad to ensure the eyelashes stick.

Both Serum #1 Perm and the Serum #2 Fixation will create the perming effect. KEEP OUT OF EYES.

If lashes fall off the pad, it's okay. You can use the wrap to keep the lashes on the pads. 

Keep the lashes dry and be sure to do one swoop at the end with the Nourishing Serum. 

The next day you can apply the Nourishing Serum again.

Send your clients home with an Aftercare Kit consisting of Nourishing Serum or Castro Oil and a Wand. This will allow for them to care for and maintain their eyelashes.


lash lift Procedure After Care

- Keep lashes dry and avoid wetting the lash area for 24 hours 

-Send your clients home with a little after care kit consisting of Castro Oil or Nourishing Serum and a Wand; this will allow for your clients to maintain the hair health and to brush them at home

- Avoid direct sunlight, steam rooms, swimming pools, and sunbeds for the next 48 hours

- DO NOT rub or touch the treatment area for 24 hours

- DO NOT use makeup on your eyelashes for 24 hours

over processed hair

YES, we put this information in here TWICE because it's just that important and we want to make sure you understand the severity of over processed hairs for your clients and your reputation. Here is a reminder of over processed hair and how to avoid it.

Over processing is a hazard you may face when performing lash lifts on a client. 

Over processing is when a solution is left on a client’s hairs for too long. When you over process hairs, the results are unwanted curling or frizzing of the hair strands. 

The result of over processing may not show up immediately, but after 24 hours your client will see the results.

Once over processing occurs, there isn’t much you can do. Your client will need to apply Castor Oil or a Nourishing Serum to their hairs religiously to help with the healing process. 

Avoid over processing at every cost. Here are some tips to help you avoid over processing clients.

TAKE YOUR TIME. When you speak with your clients and fill out their intake forms. 
NOTE WHAT TYPE OF HAIR THEY HAVE. Ask them what their hair type is if you’re unsure. 

Fair hair will over process faster than any other kind of hair. Fair hair is thin, fine, and usually a form of blonde. 

In our training we have the time for fair hair 4-6 minutes of processing. DO NOT GO OVER.Cut down the time on processing times if you encounter fair or fine hair. 

Another tip is to AVOID THE TIPS OF THE HAIRS. Brush the serums onto the hair strands, but do not touch the tips of the hairs to avoid over processing. 

The results from brow lamination are astounding, but the results from over processed hairs are irreversible. This can tarnish your reputation as an artist. 

If you’re ever unsure of a hair type, CUT DOWN THE PROCESSING TIME. It’s better they come in for an additional procedure after the 8 week waiting period, than to leave with over processed hairs. 

Following all these tips to avoid over processing and adhering to the after care instructions will yield in the best results possible and increase the longevity of the perm. ENJOY YOUR NEW EYELASHES!!!

any Questions?

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